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11 things that will drastically improve your halls’ kitchen experience

So you’ve been reading a whole bunch of kitchen lists of what to take to uni and we’re going assume that you’re pretty familiar with the words ‘basics’, ‘essentials’, ‘bare necessities’ and what they entail now that you’ve read them nearly a thousand separate times.

But too many people live the ‘basic’, ‘essential’ life at university. What if you wanted to live a life of (relative) luxury? Well, this article is stuffed full of things that you should definitely pack to improve your flat’s kitchen, from the crucial to the (comparatively) lavish. If you have a kitchen shaped hole in your bag, you may want to read on:

A wok

halls kitchen

A wok is your window to all sorts of money saving meals, including the celebrated stir-fry that has fuelled students for generation upon generation.

A rice cooker
halls kitchen

Not only does it make the world’s greatest side dish, you also can also use the humble rice cooker to make a whole host of exciting dishes. Just pop rice and water in it, put it on and come back to perfect rice every time.

A George Foreman grill

halls kitchen

If you’re trying to stay fit or get those #leangainz, getting an indoor grill will allow you not only to go gourmet for dinner but to pack protein into your diet with less of the fat involved. 🍖

A Nutribullet

halls kitchen

Stay on that health tip with this compact multi-functional blender. Craft a healthy meal or make yourself some green juice and show your flatmates that your body is your temple.

A microwaveable egg poacher

halls kitchen

A refreshingly quick and easy way to have a royal’s breakfast. And at just £1.50, you’ll never go back to scrambled again.

A Uni-tool

halls kitchen

Speaking of eggs, listen. All those utensils you’re bringing are gonna scramble your brain. Consider dropping all of them for this elegant 5-in-one solution from Joseph Joseph.

Need a slotted spoon? It’s that. Need a cutting tool? Yeah, it’s that. Stop wasting time looking for utensils and focus on the more important things.

A corkscrew/bottle opener

halls kitchen

This one’s a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget. Your dentist will thank you for not using your teeth and it’ll encourage you to drink more wine, a more delicious and economical way of getting smashed. 🍷

Plastic shot glasses

halls kitchen

Colourful, durable, and just plain fun, plastic shot glasses are an inexpensive way of making sure you’re doing your pre-drinks right. None of this spirits-straight-out-of-the-bottle nonsense. You’re classier than that.

halls kitchen

Cooking one big batch of food at the weekend and eating it throughout the week is a major key. Cop a few Tupperware boxes or some handy space-saving freezer bags to keep meals ready at a moment’s notice.

A cheese grater
halls kitchen

Cheese is that versatile food that can spice up your sandwich or pimp your pasta. A cheese grater is the best way to make the most of it. But why stop there?…

Sandwich toaster

halls kitchen
Different variations of a cheese-and-something toastie is like a hundred different meals in itself.

Not only that, but when you’re back from a night out and the pizza shop is shut, a sandwich toaster like this one from Swan is likely to make you extremely popular.

Feature Image © BBC

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