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Are you looking for ways to grow your online presence? If so, you’re in the right place. The Debut Careers team enjoys working with talented writers who prioritize quality, thought leadership, and innovation when it comes to content. 

A few things to know before you decide to write for us:

  1. Content publication is carried out on a chargeable basis.
  2. We only accept original content.
  3. We prioritize publications on the website’s topics. The list of topics includes: Career Talk, Employability, Employer insights, Features, Lifestyle, Sectors, Accountancy/professional services, Automotive & transport, Banking & Finance, Charity & public sector, Consulting, Consumer & retail, University life, You Should Know and Uncategorized. Please discuss other guest post opportunities with our content team.
  4. Minimum length: 500 words (we value accuracy and clarity).

Contact our content team to submit your guest post and for more information about our pricing policy, publication topics, and other details.

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Why Debut?

We know how hard it can be to find your dream job, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Regardless of students’ location and what they do, we’ve got their back. Essentially, Debut is a qualified team helping graduate students find job openings across different sectors and locations. 

We believe that wasting time on numerous application forms without getting any response from companies can be a huge turnoff, so we think differently. Students can apply with a touch of the button and get near-instant feedback from employers. 

Your time is valuable. Download our app and dive into the world of exciting opportunities. 

Do you happen to have any more questions? We’ve got you.

Our blog

Discover our blog with loads of engaging content. Become a contributor and help people discover your unique writing.

Our Audience

There’s nothing better than engaging writing that stays on point and provides useful advice. Whatever your thesis is, please remember that our audience consists of curious people who won’t stay with us if they cannot trace your chain of thoughts. They value clarity and efficiency.

When writing content for us, please remember:

  • we value writing that is easy to understand while also being deep and thoughtful.
  • when choosing a topic, please visit our blog and go through a couple of examples;
  • incorporate practical advice to make your writing actually valuable.
  • don’t make it wordy; focus on the point.

Please note that we retain the copyright of all material published on Debut. The material cannot be republished elsewhere and must stay unique to Debut. 

Contact our content team to submit your guest post and for more information about our pricing policy, publication topics, and other details.

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Contributor Guidelines

  • Suggest a guest post for us if your sentences are simple and brief.
  • Your paragraphs should not exceed 300 words. If they do, it is likely that you’ve lost your chain of thought. One paragraph should only focus on one idea at a time.
  • Look at your text from the reader’s point of view. Most of them do not spend more than a few minutes on one article, but they still want to get an idea of the key message. Use bullet points whenever applicable.
  • Use simple but professional language with a friendly and knowledgeable tone. We want all of our readers to grasp the main ideas without feeling excluded.
  • Choose your keywords wisely.
  • Remember that meta descriptions are what make the reader choose your content over millions of others. Awesome meta descriptions are game changers!
  • You can make your material more readable by using headings and subheadings. They separate ideas and make the content look more appealing.

Guest Posting Guidelines Formatting

Debut values your ideas, but you also have to make sure that they are expressed in a professional and knowledgeable way. Consider our advice on how to write a logical piece:

  • Start your article with a short introduction where you mention your main ideas and why the author should keep reading it. Grab their attention here. Make sure that you have a strong thesis statement, supported by your points later in the article.
  • Introduce relevant images within the text (don’t forget to add alt-text).
  • Use headings and subheadings to separate your ideas.
  • Finish the article with a short conclusion where you provide a brief summary of your ideas and guide your audience to other relevant blog posts.

Debut.careers is working to help graduate students find dream careers by supplying them with practical knowledge and resources employers look for these days. Keep that in mind whilst incorporating ideas into your text. Students should be able to extract value from your writing. 

Contact our content team to submit your guest post and for more information about our pricing policy, publication topics, and other details.

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