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9 surefire ways to get yourself out of bed in the morning

Okay, look. All this getting out of bed for work while it’s still dark outside is starting to get old. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m fed up of initially thinking the Sun has been extinguished by the Rapture rather than I’ve just woken up before sunrise. (Just me?)

Add the fact that it’s pure frosty winter hell outside, and suddenly it’s quite hard to get out of bed. But it’s okay. If this sounds like your everyday struggle, struggle no more. Here are some pro-tips to help you get around it.

Plan ahead

food classic prince breakfast pancakes

Get ahead of the game. Fix that breakfast, set that coffee machine or make that healthy lunch the night before. It’s too tempting to be a last minute merchant, or to just skip a morning routine all together. Crucially though, doing the hard stuff while you’re still (reasonably) awake will make all the difference.

Set a goal

glee singing finn hudson shower

Every negative situation has an upside, even if that doesn’t seem immediately obvious when you’re getting out of bed. Face it, once you’re actually out, it isn’t so bad now, is it? Find something you like about the morning and use it to motivate you. Hint: hot showers are flippin’ amazing.

The ‘inverted snooze’


Shout out Daily Burn for this cool trick I hadn’t heard before. I’m a habitual snooze button basher. I even set my alarm to go off earlier so I can press it more. I’m a fiend, basically.

Here’s a challenge for you like-minded folk. If you wanna snooze your alarm for 9 minutes, that’s cool, but here’s the kicker. You have to spend those nine minutes out of your bed. After you’ve done that, you might find you don’t need those extra few minutes sleep anyway.

Find the right sound

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How your alarm sounds when it goes off is a big part of how it affects your routine. Are you someone who needs to be shocked awake with something loud? Try a range of sounds and think about the answer to that carefully. A heart attack is not one of those things conducive to getting out of bed.

Chug, chug, chug

water mma gina carano wmma muay thai

We’re reliably informed that having a glass of water by your bedside helps wake up that metabolism in the morning. Down that like fresher and you’ll be set for the day. The actual act of doing it will help get that blood pumping too.

Screen out your screens

will ios let slide screen

There are plenty of fixes you can do on the other side of bedtime to ensure you don’t struggle in the morning.The easiest if these is too refrain from using electronic devices right as you go to sleep. That screen light can wire your brain and make it that much harder to relax. So no more Arrested Development after 9pm, guys. We’re serious.

Let there be light

Image result for light up alarm clock gif

Now to a more productive use of light. One of these light up alarm clocks is great if you need to wake up naturally when it’s dark out. Other silent alarms, like vibrating wristwear, work a treat too.

Get appy
clock alarm

If you need drastic measures to help you get out of bed, there are plenty of apps out there that will shame you into it. All of them are pretty unique, from the alarm you can only turn off if you shake to the one that posts to your Facebook every time you press snooze. In fact, here’s one endorsed by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Fix your day

morning sunrise maine

Sometimes, the reason we don’t wanna get out of bed is because we don’t like what’s facing us when we do. Make sure your uni/work situation is inviting enough to make you love it. Whether that means staying on top off things or taking care of that big problem you’re facing, life’s too short to not be happy. Let’s rise and grind together, guys!

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