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 Article by Aayushi Sharma

5 emotions new students feel when starting university

This post was written by an external contributor. Aayushi Sharma talks about all the emotions you’re bound to feel on the run up to freshers and why it’s perfectly ok to feel them. 

You’ve received your results, and successfully bagged yourself a spot at university! Congratulations! By now, if you’ve not already moved into your new student digs, you’re probably sat at home surrounded by boxes as you try and decide which of your treasured belongings to leave behind… because the boot of a car is nowhere near as big as you’d expect it to be, you know.

Speaking from personal experience, going to university can trigger a whole rollercoaster of emotions that can be tough to deal with. For some of you this will be your first time leaving home, and even if you do have experience living away from the family, it’s a big step. If you’re feeling a bit all over the place don’t panic. These are just some of the emotions you’re bound to feel as you start this new chapter of your life, and they’re all completely normal. 


starting university optimistic

You’re about to live in a new city, away from your family, for months. You feel on cloud nine, everything is going to be perfect. You can’t help but grin thinking about that new found independence, being able to stay up until 3am eating crisps and binge-watching Netflix without your mum barging in and telling you off for using too much electricity. 

You have the chance for a fresh start and to try out new things you’ve never had the opportunity to do before. Things are looking good and you can’t even comprehend anything going wrong. Your new life will be perfect.


starting university anxious

You are about to live in a new city, away from family, for months. What if everything does go wrong? What if you don’t make any new friends? What if you don’t like where you are living, or hate your classes? You’re so anxious that your search history is full of tips and tricks on how to budget properly and get good grades.

You’ve probably even read all the student blogs out there with people describing their problems and how they survived university. Your mind is so full of advice you could single-handedly run the university newspaper advice column.


There are a lot of things that need to be done before you get to university. All the paperwork and registration, a new bank account, signing up for modules and paying your accommodation deposit are just some of the many responsibilities you’ll need to take care of before you get sucked in to the excitement of freshers. 

You’re not quite sure how you will handle everything once you’re at university, and you don’t feel anywhere near ready to be an adult yet. The thought of having to juggle cooking, cleaning and laundry, all while ensuring you have a healthy social life and good grades almost sounds impossible. 


No matter what everyone else says about being desperate to escape home, everyone has their down moments. Moving away from your comfort zone to an entirely new place can make you feel a little sad. Your family and best friends won’t be around, and chances are, you might even be a little homesick.

You might have a moment or two where you actually think you can’t go through with it, you can’t move to a new place without having the people you rely on most around you. But don’t forget that you’ll see them all again in a matter of weeks, and those weeks will fly by. Also, thanks to technology you can see them pretty much whenever you want, and they’ll help you feel better when times get tough. 


starting university excited

Despite the mixed emotions outlined above, hopefully above all else you’ll be feeling excited about the future. Some of you (guilty as charged) will have been preparing for months, noting down all the places you want to visit on the weekends as you explore everything your new location has to offer. Your list is endless and you’re not exactly quite sure where you’ll start!

You’ve probably told your family, friends, neighbours and even random strangers all about your plans. While your parents are a little concerned you’re going to be spending too much time doing anything but studying, you’re just excited for the adventures that await. Literally if you were any more excited, you might just explode.

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