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 Article by Stephanie Fung

4 ways to spend your summer after graduation productively

Summer is here at last! Congratulations on making it after months of energy drinks, dark coffee and sleepless nights. Now what? If you have not yet landed yourself a graduate job, here are 4 ways to spend your summer after graduation productively .

Apply for internships

summer after graduation

Do not feel disheartened even if you may not have a graduate job lined up right after graduation. Many students are in the same boat as you are! In fact, consider your summer as a time to give more thought to what career path you would like to pursue.

Many students rush into working immediately after undergraduate school and end up realising that they absolutely abhor their jobs. Internships are a great way to give you a taste of what the job may entail, hence giving you the chance to make a well informed decision.

Learn a new skill

summer after graduation

Studying at law school has taught me a lot of personal, professional and life skills. However, as someone who is venturing into an entirely different career path, I believe that it is important to constantly improve and enrich ourselves by learning new skills. Especially in this day and age, new technology is coming into place regularly, and most companies value students who are able to demonstrate their ability to code or understand how SEO works.

Most of all, you can learn how to code for free via online courses such as Code Academy. You can also learn how to code the ‘fun’ way with which is more children friendly with their cartoon themed lessons. At the same time, if you are interested in learning more about how SEO works, Google also offer free courses on Google analytics which is immensely useful.


summer after graduation

Volunteering is not only a great way in filling the void of your long summer holiday after graduation; it is also a meaningful learning process. You may find yourself discovering or acquiring new talents that may change the way you view yourself, and also gain knowledge into how the non-government and non-profit organisations function.

It is also a great opportunity to widen your horizon and experience different cultures if you go abroad. As corny as it may sound, we, as the younger generation, are the key to improve our world and society.

The future of our next generation depends on the decisions we make. If you are unsure where to start, most universities offer volunteering abroad programmes! Other than that, organisations like WorldWide Volunteering provide a vast database of opportunities where students are able to volunteer in UK and other parts of the world such as Cameroon, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bulgaria.

Work holiday

summer after graduation

If you want to travel as well as earning some money, a work holiday will be the perfect option for you! Australia is one of the most popular destinations for work holidays. It has epic beaches, amazing views, sunny weather and most importantly, the pay is incredibly good!  

The Australian government provides a working holiday maker program which includes a working holiday visa that allows you to work and travel in Australia for 12 months and study in Australia for 4 months.

Companies like BUNAC is among a few that provides students with work holiday packages that helps you with accommodation, social activities, job hunting and any other help that you will need to have a once in a life time experience during your work holiday. BUNAC also offers work holiday opportunities to Canada, America and New Zealand.

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