4 things to do if you get rejected from your dream job

It's not easy to get rejected from your dream job , but it's important to remember that it's not the end. It's just the beginning.
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

This post was written by a member of the Debut Contributor Network. Chloe Smith gives us her tips how to move forward when you get rejected from your dream job.

Since we were kids, we all have a dream job in mind. Some of them wild fantasies that will probably always remain daydreams, but some of them also totally achievable, with enough work and time and effort.

Say that with all that hours spent working hard, you’re even lucky enough to get so close to actually getting your dream job, you even get an interview… but then, you get turned down. Don’t despair – this list is for you – and remember, one door closes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open it again in the future.

Don’t let it get you down

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Okay, so you’ve just missed out on your dream job – so you’re allowed to be a bit devastated. But the key is to not let it upset you for too long. Talk about how you’re feeling if you need to, but deal with your feelings as soon as you’re able to so you can move onto being your motivated and amazing self. This rejection might have been a big one, but it’s not the end, so try not to get too down about it, because you never know what’s just around the corner.

Ask for feedback

rejected from your dream job

We all know how important feedback is, and if you’re able to email or ask to get any kind of feedback on how you did in your interview, then do it. That feedback could be key in helping you focus and working on developing some skills or answers that would mean you get the job next time.

Look back and honestly assess how you think you did, and then compare it to their feedback. How do you think you did? Does it match up? But try not to be too hard on yourself just because you didn’t get the job! You will have done well in some areas compared to others.

Learn from the experience

rejected from your dream job

Accessing how you did is important, but there’s no point in realising how you could improve if you don’t then actively try and improve and better your skills. Even though you didn’t get the job this time, learn from the experience and use this knowledge to work on your skills, your own experience, and anything else you think will make them unable to refuse you next time.

If you feel like the experience has taught you that you need to improve your CV or interview skills, for example, then just take it as a positive because now you have the time, and the chance to make them even better than you were before.

In terms of developing your CV, if you have the time, volunteering is a great place to start. A local library, museum, charity shop or community radio would be great places to develop and gain skills in different areas, that will all be beneficial in terms of improving your CV, as well as allowing you to network, too, if you can gain some voluntary work in an area you’d like a career in.

Don’t give up

rejected from your dream job

The most important thing to do is to not give up on your dreams. Cliché, I know, but it’s true. Even though you’ve lost out this time doesn’t mean you’ll never get that job sometime in the future, or that you’ll never achieve what you want to achieve.

Don’t let this one failure stop from being successful, maybe this just wasn’t the right time – but if you keep doing all you can and stay motivated, you’re bound to be successful next time or the time after that. Just don’t let this stop you, otherwise, you’ll never find out!

Try, try again

rejected from your dream job

Even though you’ve not had this opportunity, it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty more out there. Be sure to keep checking Debut and any of your other favourite job sites as you never know what kind of perfect opportunity could be advertised next. Check any job sites local to you as well – your local councils, and any local businesses or companies websites, too – as not all jobs are always posted to the larger sites, and you could always strike lucky if you do a few extra searches.

The important thing is to stay proactive – because you never know when or where your next (dream) job could appear – some businesses and companies not only just advertise jobs on their careers pages anymore, – some advertise jobs on their social media or in their newsletters, for example, so just keep trying and searching because you never know what you’ll find, and how amazing it could be!

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