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 Article by Jenna Farmer

6 business books by women you need to read

Whether you’re starting your first job, working your way up the career ladder or going it alone as an entrepreneur, all of us could do with a few words of wisdom. Yet most business books are written by middle-aged male professors and CEOs, making them difficult to connect with. 

There’s been great strides in workplace gender equality but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some issues that women face when it comes to all things business. For example, dealing with imposter syndrome, confidence around public speaking, standing out in a male-dominated environment or managing things like maternity leave and having a family. So why not turn to the women who are flying the flag in the business world to find a solution? Here’s our round-up of women-written business books to read this year.

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For an eye-opening read, try ‘Work Like A Woman: A Manifesto for Change’ by Mary Portas

Retail guru Mary Portas shares her experiences of rising through the ranks of male-orientated businesses, insightful statistics on women in the workplace (which shows just how much change needs to be done) and the need for a new way of working for women. The book is packed full of useful tips – whatever stage you’re at in your career – on making your voice heard.

For getting that start-up on the road, read ‘Chillpreneur’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas

If you’ve decided to go it alone as an entrepreneur, this is the book for you. The book delves into issues around mindset, money, fear of failure and finding a business strategy that works for you. Ideal if you are looking to escape the 9-5 and do things on your own terms.

For a pocket book of wisdom, flick through ‘Little Black Book’ by Otegha Uwagba

At under a fiver, this nifty little paperback is perfect for female graduates about to embark on the world of work. Covering everything from time management to work-life balance, pop this one in a handbag and dip into it every time you need a five minute pep talk.

For tips on public speaking, buy ‘How to Own The Room’ by Viv Groskop

Public speaking is no one’s favourite activity, but if you find yourself overcome with nerves before a big presentation, give this book a try. Written by stand-up comedian and TV presenter Viv Groskop, it’s an invaluable public speaking coach that draws on examples of famous female speakers (from Michelle Obama to Virginia Woolfe). Each section comes with tons of tips, practical exercises and challenges.

For getting a business plan together, read ‘Simple Tips, Smart Ideas’ by Erica Wolfe-Murray

Put simply, this weighty handbook will quickly become a business bible for any graduate in the throes of establishing a business. Unlike most business books, ‘Simple Tips Smart Ideas’ is designed with the visual learner in mind; brightly illustrated and peppered with graphs, case studies, places to jot down your ideas, reflection prompts and quick tips. It covers everything from tackling that business plan to marketing, finances and even things like patents and intellectual property.

For a career online, read ‘Heart and Hustle’ by Patricia Bright

Part-autobiography, part guide for those wanting to forge a career online, ‘Heart and Hustle’ is a must-read by successful YouTuber Patricia Bright (who boasts millions of subscribers). In it she talks about growing and making money from your online presence as well as reflecting on many relevant issues to young Millennials, such as ‘adulting’ and battling self-esteem issues.

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