5 memes that sum up your final year of university

Final year is often the toughest time for students, but it can be hard to explain to others. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate it is through memes...
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

This post was written by an external contributor. George Cook has scoured the depths of the internet for five memes that represent the final leg of being a student. 

Memes and gifs are often a means through which we can laugh at our own suffering. Hence, there is no better description to sum up the final year of your degree. Whether it’s procrastinating on that dissertation, or cramming in endless hours at the library. There’s something for everyone to relate to.

Also, we should not forget the amazing moments that are thrown in between the despair of writing an essay three hours before the deadline. Final year is the last opportunity to take full advantage of the student lifestyle, and tick off those items from the bucket list.

These five memes will act as the story to your final year of university, and all the emotions that come with approaching your entry into the big wide world.

…plus how old you now suddenly feel.

Is this as bad as it gets?

meme as bad as it gets

Whether your dissertation is due in the first semester of final year or not, this first term will undoubtedly be full of great stress and misery. That, along with many drunken antics. However, you must not forget that the worst is yet to come as you approach the end of your degree.

You may think you’ll get used to it and that things may get better as the year goes on. But trust me, it doesn’t. You will suffer more pain yet.

Stress taking over

meme stress taking over

This worst times throughout the year will summed up by many a stressful moment. Whether that be in public, the library or in your room. It might be the smallest thing that makes you cry with the stress you’re feeling.

This meme demonstrates the main emotion you’ll feel during final year. Particularly as you sit in the library, close to tears at the 57 words you’ve written in the last 6 hours. We’ve all been there.


meme doing nothing productive all day

Those 57 words that you’ve written all day will have been done originally in the spirit of being really productive. You’ll walk into the library, brain food in hand, with a set plan of what you want to achieve for the day. Yet you’ll leave the library a stone heavier (after all the biscuits you’ve eaten) with no work completed.

The story of my life. Of course there are always tips to help improve your  productivity, but just prepare yourself for days like this. They’re inevitable.

You will actually miss it…

meme miss it

Despite all this pain, misery and despair at the seemingly endless amounts of work to do, you will feel a sense of sadness as it comes to the end.

There’ll be no more waking up at midday and not feeling guilty. You’ll envy the days of going to all the student pubs and getting hammered off a tenner. You’ll miss all the great people you’ve met, and the city that you’ve lived in.

But surprisingly for many, you may realise that you miss studying your subject. Even if the last year has seemed like hell on earth.


meme summer

Now that you have got over the sadness of university, it’s time to make the most of the last summer you’ll have before entering the adult world (*sobs*). Whether that’s lounging in a pool with a drink, or travelling around the world, you will never want this summer to end.

And let’s not forget the experience of graduation you’ll have over the summer as well! The perfect end to probably the best years of your life. Plus you can now focus on what direction you want to take next over your  summer break.

So, despite all the hard times, when you look back at university, final year will probably be the most memorable of all.

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