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Top 7 Renewable Energy Graduate Jobs

OK, so you’ve probably heard a lot about renewable energy in recent years.  But if you weren’t quite sure what it means, here’s the lowdown. Renewable energy also goes by the term ‘clean’ energy, because it uses natural sources to convert into electricity.  Those sources include…
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

OK, so you’ve probably heard a lot about renewable energy in recent years.  But if you weren’t quite sure what it means, here’s the lowdown.

Renewable energy also goes by the term ‘clean’ energy, because it uses natural sources to convert into electricity.  Those sources include wind, hydro, solar, marine, and wave… 

…which could all be seen as the planet’s future super-powers!  

Almost every country in the world has been tasked with reducing its carbon emissions, and renewable energy is a huge part of the global battle plan.  In the UK alone, renewables already produce over 20% of our electricity, with the number steadily growing.  

Significant investment has been poured into renewables in recent years, and there are many financial initiatives available to help develop new solutions and technologies.

So, to summarise, renewable energy is a super innovative, fast-growing, fast-moving industry, and it’s fantastic for the planet.

What more could you ask from a career than that? 

Better still, not every renewable energy job requires a complicated technical degree. There’s a wealth of commercial careers available too, and you’ll soon see that this is an industry that offers something for just about everyone.

Interested?  To help kick off those post-uni career plans, here are some of the best graduate jobs in renewable energy (in no particular order)

Sustainability Consultant

In addition to designing brand-new renewable solutions and facilities, the scope is vast for those who want to help make our existing buildings and practices more energy efficient.

Many companies are employing the services of specialist sustainability consultants to help them design strategies that will reduce their carbon footprint, and meet their energy goals.  

If this type of work appeals to you, a business-related degree is an ideal starting point.

Renewables Research Engineer

This is a great role for science or engineering graduates who enjoy sinking their teeth into new ideas. 

This kind of work is, as you might have guessed, mostly technical, involving developing cost-effective, cutting-edge renewable energy concepts, and giving knowledgeable advice.

Wind Technician

The UK boasts some of the best conditions in Europe for wind power, and the government has invested heavily in harnessing its potential.  

The result?  There is now as much capacity in the UK for wind power as the rest of the world combined. 

So, wind represents a fantastic area for career development, and with a growing abundance of on and offshore sites, there are also plenty of opportunities for travel.

If you’re interested in this type of job, a degree in electrical engineering and excellent critical thinking skills will help you get started on that application.

Renewable Energy Market Analyst

The renewable energy sector is still growing, which means there are plenty of exciting opportunities still to be found all over the world.

This role involves identifying those opportunities, then making commercial recommendations to help turn them into reality.  

If your degree subject is business administration or finance – and you have excellent analytical ability – this job could be for you.

Solar PV Designer

Solar photovoltaics (PV) are panels that convert sunlight into energy… you’ve probably spotted them on many a futuristic roof!

The solar energy industry is expanding rapidly, so if you’re interested in technical design and have an engineering degree, you could soon be soaring to new career heights.

Marine Geophysicist

Marine and wave technologies use energy in the ocean to generate power, and they’re expected to make serious waves (if you’ll excuse the pun!) in the future.

In the UK, these technologies are still at an early stage, which provides a fantastic opportunity to start a strong, future-focused career.

Using the concepts of physics, marine geophysicists study the structure of the earth under the oceans, in the process helping to uncover new ways of harnessing the immense potential of marine energy. 

Interested in this kind of career? A degree in physics or geology would be an ideal starting point.

Green Land and Property Manager

This is a varied type of role that involves securing and managing the land needed for renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, research offices, warehouses, and grid connections.

You’ll be collaborating with large professional teams, so it’ll help if you’re easy to get along with!  

Oh, and if your degree is in law or estate management, then you’re all set to apply.

OK, I’m Interested in a Renewable Energy Graduate Job!  What Do I Do Now?

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