Students discover the world of tech at our latest event

'Real Talk: What the Tech?!' aimed to demystify the world of tech for students and grads. See how we achieved that - and then some - in our event recap.
Avantika Vaishnav
Avantika Vaishnav

Last week, our Real Talk event made a return for all of our eager students and grads. ‘What the Tech?!’ aimed to shed some light on what it’s really like to work in the world of tech, and boy did it deliver.

We made a return to the grungy Islington Metal Works and featured a segment that had never been attempted before by any careers event – in the style of a game show (with a major throwback to the nineties, and a whole bunch of love-themed decor. Stay tuned.)

Hosted by the charismatic Reuben Christian, we answered questions about the industry, made predictions for the future and even more – with employers from Capgemini, MThree and Willis Towers Watson all taking part. So, take a look below for our full recap of ‘Real Talk: What the Tech?!’.

Unveiling the world of tech

real talk

All students who attended Real Talk were eager to find out more about the mysterious world of technology, and they didn’t come away disappointed. We kicked off the night with a talk from the founder of Virtual Futures, Luke Mason. He discussed what we may expect to see in the years to come from technology. It was certainly an interesting take on the subject, and caused a stir amongst the crowd!

Our employers were also on hand to discuss more about their roles in the tech sector, and help clarify exactly what it’s like to work in this industry with an intensive Q&A. Our host Reuben quizzed our guests on typical day-to-day life, what motivates employees in tech and the opportunities available. We have some of the top questions in our thread below!

Getting to know the ‘personal’ side of employers

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Employer job boards can be pretty intimidating. When a role is reduced to its basic functions and descriptions, it’s hard to gauge what the work will actually be like day-to-day, and more importantly what the company culture and environment will be like, as this will have a huge impact on your mood when working.

We aimed to showcase all of these elements in an… alternative… fashion, so we decided to take inspiration from a classic nineties TV show. ‘Blind Data’ had three prospective employers (replacing the eligible bachelors from Cilla Black’s infamous show) who had to ‘sell’ why they were the best business choice for any prospective graduates.

Lots of students mentioned this as being the highlight of the night – especially because of our winner, Kiran from Capgemini, who bagged the grand prize of several boxes of cupcakes for his employer station. We strongly suspect he may have a potential future in the world of comedy.

Networking, networking, networking

real talk

Let’s face it. The chance to physically get in front of employers (outside of interviews, of course) is practically slim-to-none. That means less chance to ask the burning questions you need to, and therefore an air of mystery around the whole ‘recruitment’ thing.

Our event broke down those barriers massively. With stations for the employers set up around the room – and entire talks dedicated to the companies – students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the front-runners in the tech industry. Not only was this a great way to boost hiring potential, but it’s also a huge step in terms of improving confidence and networking abilities, building on some of the skills that we explored at our previous event.

All of the above – combined with an edgy venue, exclusive Debut goodie bags and food and drink to last all evening – summed up what ‘Real Talk’ is all about. We wanted to educate students and grads on career options without it being dull and boring. We wanted to show a different side to the corporate environment, and have attendees leaving feeling just that little bit more confident.

If of course you didn’t manage to make it down, then why not head over to our YouTube channel? We have exclusive talks from our last ‘Real Talk’ event, including Emma Rosen, Sanctus and Stef Sword-Williams.

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