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6 jobs you can do to make yourself completely recession-proof

On the off chance that 2016 somehow manages to get even worse, you might want bone up on all the recession-resistant jobs out there.
Alex Ekong
Alex Ekong

Sure, been a couple days since Halloween. But world’s still in a pretty scary state. Brexit, Trump, rap beef with Drake… There are all manner of things our generation needs to protect ourselves against. That’s why having a nice secure job is more important than ever.

It could all go avocado-shaped at any moment, so if you’re unsure of what you wanna do for the rest of your life, consider getting a job in a recession-resistant* industry. That way if (when) the economy goes down in flames, you can stay cool without profiteering off human misery. Here’s just a few of things you can do and how to get started:

*That’s an industry that offers something people will still spend money on during a recession e.g. bread or, if you’re me, pop-punk band merchandise.

Get into marketing

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When the crunch comes, businesses are going to need help promoting and shifting their products to help restore confidence in the economy again. A lot of businesses put PR and advertising first on the budget chopping block after the crash of 2008, and it turns out the businesses that went into recovery faster were the ones that spent more on messaging than other.

These days, if you’re a dab hand with search engine optimisation and Google Ads, you’ll be a hot property in the job market even if times get tough.


Do some accounting

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If you can crunch numbers, recession time is when you’re most likely to make a pretty penny. Near enough every business would be willing to invest in things that save them money in tough times and accountants are more than happy to show them where they should be trimming the fat – for a fee, naturally.


Make people beautiful

beautiful scott pilgrim knives chau hair mirror

Unfortunately, for everyone hoping to save a bit of cash, hair and nails still grow during an economic downturn. But this means if you’re employed in a hair salon, barber shop, beauty parlour, or even a pet groomer’s, you’re pretty much always going to be quids in.

Places like this still see a lot of business in tough times, because life is hard enough without having to walk around everywhere with that Doc Brown look.


Sell anything that’s bad for you

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So-called ‘sin industries’ (I call ’em ‘sindustries’ LOL.) typically do super well during a recession. Everybody needs a pick-me-up around this time – everything from a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol to a snazzy new tattoo and a big bag of pick’n’mix. Sometimes, happiness is as simple as these things, which is great news for the people who provide them.


Be a tech genius

typing working

Believe me when I say that anything technology based is going to blow up quickly in the next few years.

Remember that huge digital skills gap we talked about? The one’s that are gonna be filling that gaps are gonna be your software engineers, systems analysts, website builders and social media wizkids – and trust me, they’re going to clean. up.

Work in energy

Good Girls Revolt season 1 amazon video lamp amazon originals

You know what never goes out of style? Gas, electricity and clean, running water. Generating power is problem that faces all governments all the time and there’s a big rush to try and provide all the energy that the country needs.

Engineers, particularly those in renewable energy will be huge demand for this and as long as the planet is boiling, it’s probably gonna stay that way.

Check out TIME Magazine for one hundred and fifty more recession-resistant job ideas.

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