5 ways to survive a night out as an introvert

Sometimes all you want is peace and quiet, but you can't avoid a rave. Don't panic, you can still have a good time on a night out as an introvert. Here's how.
Avantika Vaishnav
Avantika Vaishnav
This post was written by an external contributor. Here, Zahra Clembintson gives her tops tips for how to survive a night out as an introvert.

Many people love the chance to party. But if, like myself, you’re more introverted in nature, you may find the prospect of going on a night out a little daunting. Constant loud music, being surrounded by lots of drunk people, as well as the pressure to be seen as “living your best life” goes against a lot of introvert’s desires for quiet and intimacy. However, if you find yourself being begged by your friends to come along to a night out or just fancy giving it a try, there’s things you can do to make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Go to places which interest you

night out as an introvert

Not every club night is the same. Although it is true that many nights do involve the playing of typical dance music, the club scene is developing to suit music tastes of all kinds, whether you’re into cheesy pop hits or Sixties and soul music.  Try to arrange it with your friends so that you go to a night centred on music which you all like. Your night will be a thousand times better if you can all have a good boogie or maybe even a good sing-a long!

Have close friends as your clubbing companions

Being around a lot of unfamiliar people is a given when going out clubbing. Unfortunately unfamiliarity and lots of people are two things us introverts do not tend to thrive from. The way to combat this is to keep the groups of people you go out with to small groups of people you know well. Having people around you who you know make you happy and that you can trust will make you feel much more at ease and far more likely to have a good time.

Don’t feel pressured into staying for the whole night

night out as an introvert

Whilst it may be a badge of honour for some to be able to say that they managed to stay in the club until closing, as an introvert, you will probably become drained from being around so many people and socializing so much fairly quickly. Therefore, don’t feel as if you have to stay for the entirety of a night out. It is perfectly acceptable to go out for a few hours, then go home and sit in bed in your pyjamas with some hot chocolate and Netflix. You’ll be glad of the extra rest you got when your friends are exhausted and looking distinctly worse for wear the next morning!

Portable phone chargers are your best friends

night out as an introvert

These are helpful for anyone on a night out, but if you’re an introvert, having one of these on you can be particularly useful. A portable charger means you don’t have to worry about saving precious battery life whilst you’re in a place with no plug sockets. This means you can easily take a break from the craziness of the dancefloor, tuck yourself into a quiet corner and flick through social media, play Candy Crush, or message a friend, whatever will allow you to take a little breather from it all.

Having a portable charger also means that you don’t have to worry about running of charge and not being able to call a cab or Uber to get home safely if you’re done with being a party animal for the night. It’s only a small thing, but having my portable charger in my handbag during a night out always makes me feel me reassured that if a night out is becoming too much for me, I’m only a couple of screen taps away from a social media break from the club chaos or being able to go home to my nice warm bed.


Be yourself

night out as an introvert

Ultimately a night out should be an enjoyable experience. So forget preconceived notions of what makes a good night out and just do what works for you. You want to dance all night? Fine. You want to dance for a bit but then sit a corner and scroll through social media? Go for it. You want to leave after a couple of hours?   No problem. As long as you end up having a good time, that is all that matters.

Hopefully these tips will make my fellow introverts out there feel more able to tackle any future big nights out. Have fun!

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