These 11 UK universities produce the most employable graduates

Times Higher Education's Global Employability Index has ranked the universities which produce the most employable graduates. Is yours on the list?
Brenda Wong
Brenda Wong

Despite what people think, students don’t go to university just to party. Going to university is seen by young people as a prerequisite to employment. This perception is of course, not entirely true. Industrial placements and apprenticeships are highly, highly useful as well. However, we can’t deny it: we go to university because getting that coveted 2:1 degree makes us more employable.

But which universities produce the most employable graduates? Times Higher Education’s just released their annual “Global Employability Index“, which used two panels of participants from twenty countries. The participants had at least 10 years’ work experience, and have worked/is currently working at a firm with more than 500 employees.

Interestingly, only two UK universities cracked the top 10 global employable universities. They are the University of Cambridge in 4th place, and the University of Oxford in 7th. The dominating country is the United States, with an impressive 37 universities in the ranking. But the United Kingdom boasts 11 universities in the list, which is pretty impressive – especially considering the proportional differences in geography.

Also interesting is the concentration of London universities on the list. 4 universities out of the 11 are based in the capital city. Surprising or not, this only seems to affirms London as the business hub of the United Kingdom.

Without further ado, here are the UK universities which ranked the highest in the Global Employability Index:

11. University of Nottingham

Came in 93rd in the global ranking.

10 University of Birmingham

Came in 90th in the global ranking.

9. University of Bristol

Came in 84th in the global ranking.

8. University College London

Came in 48th in the global ranking.

7. London School of Economics and Political Science

Came in 45th in the global ranking.

6. University of Edinburgh

Came in 32nd in the global ranking.

5. University of Manchester

Came in 24th in the global ranking.

4. King’s College London

Came in 23rd in the global ranking.

3. Imperial College London

Came in 16th in the global ranking.

2. University of Oxford

Came in 7th in the global ranking.

1. University of Cambridge

Came in 4th in the global ranking.

We think that it’s important to point out that no matter what university you come from, you can become an employable graduate. Take a look at our Insight section for more employability advice, and always believe in yourself! (Cheesy, we know.)

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