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More graduate jobs in 2018, says new study

A new report shows we're set to see a rise in graduate job vacancies in 2018, great news for students and graduates. Here's the low down...
Avantika Vaishnav
Avantika Vaishnav
hiring season

Finally some good news to cure those January blues. A new report by the Institute of Student Employers has revealed that this year will see a rise in the number of graduate job vacancies – and a whopping rise of 11% at that.

What with the EU referendum of 2016 and the following economic uncertainty, graduate jobs were on the decline. In 2016 they dropped by 8% and only grew by 1% last year. A High Fliers survey found that  private sector organisations were recruiting 10% fewer graduates by the end of 2017, which is pretty depressing stuff.

But with a slightly more stable state of play, graduate roles are back on the rise, which is really good news for us students and grads.

Where are the big jumps?

graduate jobs in the public sector

We’ll see the biggest increase in the public sector, where there’ll be a 22% increase in graduate job roles. This is great for those looking for jobs in the civil service or NHS. Make sure to check out our guide for a lowdown on the industry and the qualifications you’ll need to secure a position.

But it’s not just in the public sector where the action is happening. The IT industry is set to see job increases of 18%, and utilities firms will be offering 13% more jobs this year. We’ve still got tonnes of graduate IT and energy roles on the app at companies like E.ON and BNP Paribas. If this good news is anything to go by, we’re set to keep getting more, so keep checking back throughout the year.

Apprenticeships are growing too!

It’s not just the graduate recruitment market that’s looking healthy. The report suggests there’ll be more apprenticeships up for grabs, too. Employers are expected to offer 32% more apprenticeships this year than last. This is really promising for school leavers looking for roles with the UK’s top companies – that’s 1,501 more apprentices!

And keep your eyes peeled for more apprenticeships popping up on the app this year as well.

What the experts say

graduate jobs and apprenticeships

So why is this happening now? What’s changed? ISE’s Chief Executive, Stephen Isherwood, explains: “Over the last couple of years the recruitment season has been heavily influenced by the Brexit vote and nervousness over the economy, but we’re now seeing a return to normal state of play.

“There’s a positive mood from employers in this space at the moment and students should feel reassured by this renewed confidence. There are around 20% more vacancies overall this year. If you have the right mix of skills, there are lots of opportunities and students should feel confident to go for it.”

So there you have it folks. The stars have aligned, the jobs are there, and 2018 really is the year for you to just go for it.

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