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Graduate job hunting? Do Your Mental Health a Favour, and Take a Break!

During stressful times, students can neglect their needs for the sake of studying. Spot the signs for when it's best to take a break for your mental health and look after number one.
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

Graduate job hunting isn’t easy, is it?

So many opportunities… so little time!

That’s why we’re doing our bit to help here at Debut.  Our app is a one-stop shop for all things graduate career, from tips and insights, to epic jobs and schemes with some of the UK’s top employers.

But with exams and essays piling on top of that job search, time is at a premium.  It can feel oh-so-tempting to power on through, working into the small, dark hours, and totally neglecting yourself in the process.

Ultimately though, being ‘on’ all the time is going to leave a mark on your wellbeing.  

Yes, finding a graduate job is important, and getting your best grade is important… but so is taking care of yourself.

Taking a break isn’t ‘lazy’, it’s good for your mental health.  

mental health doodle

And if you don’t have good mental health, you’ll find it so much harder to do all that job-hunting work in the first place!

Here are some more reasons why it’s good to take some time out every now and again.

You’ll Be (Far) More Productive

When you get to that point when you’re typing, but the words no longer make sense (we’ve all been there) you need to STOP.

There will always be those people who lock themselves in the library from sunrise until sunset, making you feel guilty in the process.  

But those people aren’t going to perform as well as they would if they’d taken regular breaks.

Their graduate job applications won’t be up to much, either.

Keep yourself on track by setting ‘downtime’ reminders on your phone or laptop.  Your mind will be sharper, AND you’ll get more quality work done – promise! 

You’ll Benefit from Good Food and Good Sleep

mental health let's eat

If you’re taking regular breaks, you’ll be better able to focus on the fuel that powers all that hard work… good nutrition and quality sleep.

OK, it might be boring, but the truth is that your brain functions much better on a diet of fresh, unprocessed food and a sound night’s sleep, than sugar, caffeine, and so-called ‘power’ naps.

(Funny how people who ditch the sugar and caffeine often feel less anxious, too!)

Other Health Warning Signs Will Be Clearer

Pushing through with that job search at all hours, no matter what, means you could miss vital signs that you’re not feeling your best.

When you’re always tired anyway, a headache or a sniffly nose can be easily ignored, right?

But if you don’t stop niggles like these in their tracks, you could end up with a heavy cold, flu, or even worse – and then you could find you’re suddenly taking much, much longer breaks than you’d ever expected!

You’ll Actually Enjoy Having Other People Around!

mental health you're not alone

Hands up if you get irritated by other people interrupting your job search, with their annoying breathing, and talking, and… well, living.

Searching and studying for hours on end is intense, but it’s also isolating.  You feel lonely, possibly because you’re working into the small hours, and possibly because you’re snapping the head off anyone who comes within a two-mile radius.

Use your mental health breaks to chat and socialise with your favourite people, so you go back to your desk feeling happy about the world again…

…and super-optimistic about all those awesome graduate job opportunities you’re about to apply for!

You can browse some of the best right here, right now.

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