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 Article by Hannah Cowton

Why people are the real power behind technology

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Technology seems to be evolving every day. You only have to do a quick Google to see that right now we have in the works 3D metal printing, smart cities and even genetic fortune telling (yup, that’s really a thing!)

But it’s easy to forget the brilliant minds who are behind is all these cutting-edge innovations. So we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on some of the tech gurus who work at Capgemini to learn more about this fascinating sector.

Discover the views of Claude Gerber – Engagement Manager, Les Frost – Technical Architect, Stuart Coombs – Head of Wales Delivery Centre, Ruta Cerniauskaite – Software Engineer and Patricia Evans – Senior Business Analyst for Insights and Data MDM on the ever-changing tech industry.

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The work is incredibly different

The technology sector offers such a broad range of career paths, that you can really hone-in on the areas that best suit you. Patricia describes how graduates have worked in industries ranging from music to fashion and even space. She advises candidates to “think hard about what you are interested in getting involved in and technology will take you there.”

Even within your own career, you can have the chance to jump around into different areas: “I’ve been in a technical role for many years,” says Les on his own experiences, “and worked on some fantastic projects across many sectors including banking, insurance, utilities, rail and more recently taxation.”

Don’t wish for it, work for it!

Seeing projects through from start to finish

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Okay, reality check: projects are basically like raising a child. You get the elated joy at the revealing of the idea, the struggles through the planning stages, the chaotic birth of the project and then the nurturing as the project continues to grow. It’s always yours, and you have control over it.

Claude’s job was exactly this, working on Nuclear power station systems, “from initial design to construction.” Working with technology provides the benefits of seeing how it develops and changes over time – but always with the people behind the projects driving it forward at every stage.

Having control over projects such as this also allows for personal development. “I have developed and deepened my analytical thinking” states Ruta on her own work in data visualisations. “I’ve gained the ability to look at the bigger picture and how to take it one step at [a] time to solve the problem.”

Collaborating with brilliant minds

The thing about working with new technology is that you have to access different talent to make it legitimate. If you work in facial recognition, it’s likely you’ll gain the opinion of scientists. If you work in data regulation, you’ll certainly need a lawyer to check it over – and so on and so forth. This means that you’ll meet experts from all over, making every day interesting.

And when we refer to this, we don’t just mean senior members of the company. Claude specifically highlights the vital role that junior members have within a team: “Having access to the these sharp minds who often sight innovative approaches to new and unseen issues allow my teams to share findings”.

So it’s not just technology that can connect – people across different teams, business units, continents and backgrounds all join together to create a strong knowledge hub.

The work evolves, but so do the people

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Technological innovations are advancing at an incredible pace, and the people who work with it have to adapt to new changes every single day. Digital professionals are constantly absorbing information like sponges. Especially with in-house programmes that companies such as Capgemini offer; Patricia echoes this, stating: “I enjoy learning and this is a job where learning is essential”.

It is vital to remember, though, that experts only get to where they are because they focused on one specific area. This is the key to growing successfully; as Les explains: “Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Focus on a small number of things and fully understand them. Then move on.”

Technology brings constant variety to everyday work, especially with the ever-evolving product of AI. There’s never a dull spell in this sector, as you can move into an area that you love and hold a passion for, once you have the necessary skills behind you of course.

So what are our parting words? Well, we believe that Stuart sums up quite nicely why humans are the real tech superheroes:

“Technology on it’s own does not deliver benefit. The ability to understand the challenge and come up with the right solution requires strong consulting skills such as: facilitation, problem solving, teamwork, communication – all of which are a key focus of the training and support at Capgemini.”

There’s no doubt about it, the people behind technology are all geniuses!

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