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 Article by Brenda Wong

The ultimate fresher’s survival guide for university students 2017

Fresher’s Week. It’s incomparable, unbelievable, and definitely unforgettable. Nobody wants to start their Fresher’s term unprepared. As you’re only a fresher once, we’ve put together a round-up of all the things you need to know to smash your first term.

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The ultimate checklist of things you definitely need to pack for uni

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Packing

Hey man, we’re all human. There’s bound to be something you’ll forget if you don’t use a checklist. Lucky we’ve made a downloadable list for you then.

The ultimate freshers’ pre-drinks playlist

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Playlist

No more fighting over the Spotify controls. Press play, turn up the volume, and dance the night away with Debut’s curated fresher pre-drinks choonz. 

15 incredibly cheap ways to turn your halls into a home

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Decorating

Spending nine months this year staring at blank walls and drab curtains shouldn’t be your reality. We’ve put together a list of unique, cheap ways to dress up your uni halls so you can feel like you’re home away from home.

11 reasons why you, new fresher, should join a university society

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Society

Your potential university #squad could be waiting there for you. Uni societies are just awesome, and we tell you why right here. 

10 outrageous uni societies you’ll have to join to believe

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Unique Societies

Need some uni society inspiration? Here are 10 of the most unique university societies in the UK. There’s something for everybody – from Beyoncé to LARP-ing.

15 meals you can make in your tiny uni kitchen in 15 minutes

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | 15 minute meals

Ain’t nobody got time to be trying to make elaborate meals in your tiny-ass uni kitchen. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes so you have less time cookin’, and more time livin’.

16 amazing bits of stationery you’ll want to bring to all of your lectures

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Stationery

Because everybody knows your productivity increases when you’re writing in an ombre dip-dyed notebook, of course.

13 things you can accomplish even with a mammoth hangover

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Hangover

Grooaaaaaaaan. Nobody expects to be super-productive after a massive night out, but goddammit, we’re going to try our best. Here are 13 actually realistic things you can do with a huge hangover.

7 drinking games that are better than Ring of Fire will ever be

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Drinking Games

Ring of Fire is just the worst. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. We’ve got you covered with some truly fresh and devious drinking games – because nobody needs to be playing tired old basic ones.

The Fresher’s Flu apocalypse: our guide to surviving it

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Fresher's Flu

You’re going to get Fresher’s Flu. There isn’t any point in getting cocky and saying you won’t, because it will strike when you least expect it. And when it does, we’ve got the steps for you to overcome it. 

11 crippling money mistakes freshers make, and how to avoid them

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Money

Eesh. Your bank account is probably looking emptier than the inside of a balloon at the moment. It’s not too late – use this guide to guide you through the rest of fresher’s year. Because unlike what Jessie J says, it’s all about the money, money, money.

13 life-saving ways to clean your grimy fresher’s flat

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Cleaning

If you leave your uni flat in a state of filth for the rest of term, we, your friends, your visiting family, your grandma etc. are totally going to judge you. Don’t be that guy. Clean up yo’ flat. 

17 finalists and graduates tell us what they wish their fresher selves knew

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Advice

Wistful finalists and graduates look back on their fresher’s year and give us their best pieces of advice. This one will give you all the feelz, guaranteed.

Our guide to smashing your first ever university seminar

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Seminar

If you’re turned off by the idea of actual learning at uni, this guide will sort you right out. Seminars don’t have to be painful, silent sessions, we believe. Here’s how.

The keys to surviving 6 Fresher’s nights in a row

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Nights Out

It’s the ultimate challenge not only for your body, but for your spirit. We may not recommend going hard for all six nights, but if you must, here’s how you can do it. 

11 things that will drastically improve your halls’ kitchen experience

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Kitchen

If you’ve never used a George Foreman grill, you haven’t lived TBH.

12 feelings that are completely OK to feel during Fresher’s Week

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Mental Health

Fresher’s Week isn’t all fun and games for everybody. People are different, and if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to embrace those feelings. 

13 things you need to do now Fresher’s Week is over

Ultimate Fresher's Survival Guide | Fresher's Week is Over

Because good times can’t last forever, and reality will come crashing down on you with a vengeance post the craziness of freshers. Life admin, ahoy!

The 6 golden rules of making friends in Freshers’ Week

Making friends in freshers week

Don’t stress, just feed people pizza and you’ll be friends for life. And be yourself. Always be yourself.

5 freshers nightmares and how to deal with them

How to deal with freshers nightmares

Whether it’s freshers’ flu or the hangover from hell, if your first week of uni doesn’t go to plan, we’ve got you covered.

The advice I’d give to my fresher self

Advice for fresher self

And last but not least, make sure you look back on your time as a fresher with no regrets. Here’s the things you’ll wish you knew.

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