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 Article by Lydia Wilkins

The best Brighton student food

If you’re familiar with the city of Brighton, you’ll know that it can be a bit of a ‘hotspot’ for students. Last year, we showed you the best places to eat in Bournemouth. With its eclectic street art, the Laines, the beach, and the pier, Brighton has a variety of unique, weird and wonderful places to find student food – even if you need just a coffee or a snack. From the best ready-to-go-wraps, to (in)famous rainbow cake, we’ve compiled some of the best places to grab a bite to eat.

brighton student food

Naan Hut

Located a short distance – maybe ten minutes – away from the station, Naan Hut is not to be missed. Wether you would like a portion of fries (hot, ready to go) or a wrap (especially when you are very hungry), Naan Hut has a lot to offer.

As a student myself, I studied just across the road; Naan Hut was always the target for a bevvy of hungry students. Open six days a week until five o’clock, Naan Hut is a perfect place for food.

Just as a tip, be aware if you’re walking to the station with food. Wraps are the perfect target for a Seagull or three. (I speak from experience here.)

Click here to view their website.

Cloud 9

Are you on the hunt for an ascetically pleasing slice of cake? Or what about delicious ice-cream and a cool drink? Cloud 9 should be your port of call.

Cloud 9 has two different branches owned by a local. With a selection of cakes and ice-cream, Cloud 9 caters to everyone who has a sweet tooth (they also offer a vegan selection of goodies. As we move into the summer, this is the perfect place to cool off. With a relaxed atmosphere and many different flavours to try, Cloud 9 is a staple of the Brighton student food scene.

And if you do end up visiting, make sure you snap a photo of their famous Rainbow cake for the ‘gram.  The cupcakes are also pretty spectacular.

Click here to view their website.

The Marwoods

In need of Coffee? The Marwoods have the ‘coffee ninjas’ you need!

Open Tuesday to Saturday until 11pm, with a DJ on Friday evenings, The Marwoods offers a selection of snacks and drinks, catering to a large variety of requirements. It’s good for being a ‘meeting place’ – grabbing a coffee to network, anyone? – or just being sociable.

There is also wonderful, street-art inspired decoration outside along with the outside seating. (I loved the “journalist” mural best as a student.) The Marwoods should also be noted for its interior design; more ‘niche’ than what may be considered conventional, this is the archetype of a Brighton cafe.

Click here to view their website.  

Ole Ole Tapas Bar And Restaurant  

Are you looking for somewhere that is a bit more lively than most other establishments? Make it Ole Ole!

An authentic Tapas bar, the menu is delicious; note that it may be suited to larger parties, as the portions are very generous. There is also musical/dance performances on particular days of the week.

Click here to visit their website.

Flour Pot Bakery

If you’re even just visiting the city, you cannot leave without visiting the Flour Pot Bakery. With emphasis on the artisanal, virtually everything in the shop has been crafted to perfection for the customer. And according to their Instagram profile, they serve “Fresh sourdough coffee, pastries and cakes…”

The bakery also has a relaxed atmosphere; it’s perfect for meeting your friends, reading a book, or just if you need a quiet break from studying, like with listening to a podcast. The popular influencer Zoella has also mentioned the bakery on her social media.

Click here to visit their website.

Boho Gelato

If you prefer Gelato to Ice-Cream, then you should definitely visit Boho Gelato.

An independent Gelato retailer, there are two branches in Brighton – with others in places such as Worthing. Known for sometimes serving unusual flavours, this is the one-stop-shop for all of your Gelato needs.

Click here to visit their website.

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