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 Article by Emma Goode

How to Get a Government Job After Graduation?

“I want a career that makes a difference”.

Caught yourself uttering those words recently?  

Yep?  Then know this: if you want to do something meaningful with your degree now you’ve finally got it, a job in government could be the answer to your career prayers.


First off, the variety of government jobs available could be likened to a super colourful ‘pic-n-mix’ selection.  In other words, whatever your degree subject or specialism, there will be something to suit you.

Second off, you’ll actually get that opportunity to make a difference!  What better way to do something meaningful with your work, than by joining an organisation filled with people who are responsible for actually running the country?


How Do I Find The Right Graduate Job in Government?

There’s a number of graduate schemes to choose from, all with different requirements.

So, finding the right graduate job in government will start with your degree subject and result, and your personal career ambitions.

Here are some example graduate schemes:

HMRC Programme for Tax Professionals

Degree entry requirement: minimum 2:2

HMRC’s work – and the £627 billion revenue it collects – is relevant to the lives of just about every adult and business in the country.  

The intensive three-year programme is designed to impart technical knowledge and hone your professional skills, to help you deal with tax customers (of which there are around 45 million!)

You’ll finish the programme ready for work as a generalist tax professional, or a specialist in investigative or technical work.

Legal Trainee Scheme

Degree entry requirement: minimum 2:2 in an undergraduate degree (the subject doesn’t have to be law).

Under this scheme, you can join a variety of government departments, including the National Crime Agency, HMRC, and the Competition and Markets Authority, as a trainee solicitor.

During your training, you can expect to spend time in four main areas of law practice (known as ‘seats’), each one lasting for six months.

Defence Engineering and Science Group (DESG) Graduate Scheme

Degree entry requirement: minimum 2:2

Described as “probably the best graduate development scheme for engineers and scientists in the UK”, you’ll spend 2 to 3 years honing a unique career with potential for overseas travel, and working on a series of innovative (and in some cases, highly classified) projects.  

Civil Service Fast Stream

Degree entry requirement: various, depending on your chosen scheme.  Most are open to graduates with a 2:2 or above.

The Civil Service Fast Stream is an award-winning programme that helps develop talented graduates into future leaders.

There are 15 different schemes to choose from, each one involving structured learning and mentoring within a specific profession.  

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one, either – when you apply, you can choose up to four scheme preferences.  Oh, and there are also opportunities to study for further professional qualifications along the way.

What else?

Most government graduate schemes will offer a competitive starting salary, with good opportunities for career progression, and flexible working conditions.


Ok, I’m Ready For A Graduate Government Job. What Happens Next?

Download our free Debut App now, to browse the best government schemes and regularly updated employment opportunities for graduates.

But that’s not all.  There’s a selection of fun (and educational!) games, as well as ways to help you get a head start in your career, such as discovering your non-academic talents.  

You can even prepare yourself for the world of work, with practical, ‘been there, done that’ career advice.

(Oh, and there’s also a chance that you’ll be talent-spotted before you’ve even made an application!)

Not only is our Debut App completely free of charge, it’s ad-free too… so what are you waiting for?  Your new graduate career is calling!

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