If The Avengers went to uni…

With Avengers: Infinity War taking over the cinemas worldwide we've been wondering, what would The Avengers study if they decided to go to university...?
Avantika Vaishnav
Avantika Vaishnav

With Avengers: Infinity War taking over the cinemas worldwide right now, here at Debut we’ve also caught the Marvel fever. We’ve been thinking, what if The Avengers put their superhero duties on hold, and decided to go to university?

They would all of course have to make the decision of choosing what degree they’d wish to study. This is a hard choice for all us normal folk, nevermind these superhuman beings. Luckily for them, we’ve hazarded a guess at what subject would suit some of them and why. Curious? Well come and take a look for yourself.

PS, it’s also spoiler-free for Avengers:  Infinity War (woohoo!).

Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man – BEng Robotics

Well, standard. Tony Stark is the king of robotic engineering in the Marvel universe, with his multitude of suits and of course his AI companion, F.R.I.D.A.Y. He would be the student pulling the all-nighters and guzzling energy drinks as he tries to finish off that programming project that was due a month ago, but he managed to blag his way into an extension.

Captain America – BA Sociology

Aah Steve Rogers, the noble statesman always looking to do the right thing. If he were a student, he’d want to know more about what drives people’s motives and how to be an upstanding citizen. You’d better believe that he’ll be the one leading all DMC’s in the seminars, and he’d be especially vocal in that State Crime and Immorality module.

Captain America Steve Rogers

Hulk – BSc Genetics

Bruce Banner is the top performing student in his year. Always on time, always getting straight firsts and volunteering at the local laboratory. That is until he has to complete his group project for Human Genetics, and a slacker in the team makes a major error. Then you’ll find him getting into all kinds of fights on the infamous uni pub crawl.

Spiderman – BSc Physics

Peter Parker is the sassy science childhood prodigy that somehow managed to get into uni early, and know one knows how exactly he did it. When he’s not in his lectures, you’d most likely find him doing parkour around the campus, and it’s no secret that he’s trying to find a way to combine his hobbies into his final year dissertation.

Spiderman Peter Parker

Black Panther – BA Politics

A natural born leader, T’Challa would be bringing the spirit of Wakanda to his uni coursemates. He’d be the student that others would hesitate to debate, as they know they would likely lose to him. His only downfall would be not understanding how his laptop works when studying, as his tech-wiz sister Shuri will have been tinkering with it again.

Thor – BA English Literature

Thor is that English student that shouldn’t be an English student. He’s the one sticking his hand up in the Drama: Reading and Interpretation module, asking who Shakespeare is. Luckily for him, his father his Professor Odin, senior lecturer in Nordic Literature at the university. So Thor would get away with pretty much anything (much to the dismay of his fellow students).

Thor God of Thunder

Black Widow – BA Drama

Thespian queen Natasha Romanoff will steal the spotlight on stage, blend into different characters with her super spy skills and nail that Russian accent when needed. She would also always try to incorporate complex choreography into performances, something that other students would complain about. We can’t all do the box splits, Natasha!

Hawkeye – BSc Geography

…he’s good at locating things?

Hawkeye Clint Barton

Scarlet Witch – BSc Psychology

Nobody in the Psychology department really knows how to deal with Wanda Maximoff. She’s the student that takes the subject WAY too literally, subtly manipulating others into sabotaging their own work to make her own grades look better. Having said that, her persuasion skills also make her the ultimate wing-woman on a night out.

Vision – ANY Joint Honours

Seemingly good at everything, Vision would just be known as “that joint honours guy”. He would hang around campus, appear at every social gathering, but remain completely elusive and mysterious. You know he studies several subjects and does extremely well in all of them. You just have no idea what they are.

Vision JARVIS Tony Stark

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