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What can you tell about a person from the games they play?

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes now, but what types of gamers are out there and what do their game choices say about them?
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich
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With the continual growth of the industry year on year,  gaming has become so accessible to everyone than even mums, dads and grandparents are now using their phones to play Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. But what do the types of games we play say about us?

Well let’s have a look at the main personality types:

The active go-getter

These are the people you will see hanging around the Dance Dance Revolution machine in the arcade. They demand the most stimulation from the games they play, be this physical or even mental. They are ambitious, energetic and have immaculate timing.

The dreamer

These are the people who pay close attention to the story line. You’ll often find them playing RPG’s with a solid storyline or any fantasy game. They tend to be very emotional and they will cry if their favourite character dies half way into the game. They also tend to get lost in these games and can go off the grid for days because they’ve mistaken the game for real life.

The competitive one

The competitive ones are the people you’ll find at a party screaming at the TV as they frantically mash buttons when you were only trying to have a friendly game of Super Smash Brothers.  They tend to play games where they can easily win, like fighting games. They tend to be loud, passionate and slightly hot-headed.

The social butterfly

These are the type of gamers that play online games. Games that don’t necessarily have an ending, like World of Warcraft. They usually have a big group of friends online which they chat too using a headset and like to play these games just to socialise with their group. They are usually talkative, smart and loyal.

The casual

These are the type of people who don’t want to commit to any games. They dip in and out of playing a variety of games, rarely ever completing them. They tend to play for fun for a few hours on the weekend instead of putting aside a whole day to game. These are the kind of people who are usually fairly busy, with other responsibilities. They are fun, popular but also usually very lazy when they have down time as they feel it is deserved.

The popular one

These are the people that deny they play games in the first place. They think gaming in all forms is ‘lame’. These people tend to be sporty and like going out on weekends with the lads or the girls to get drunk. You can sometimes catch them playing Call of Duty or Halo on very odd occasions. They are usually the kind of people you’ll hear shouting ‘banter’ and ‘yolo’ on a night out.

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