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The Harry Potter career you’re destined for, based on your degree

We've all dreamed about going to Hogwarts, but what would you do after you graduated? Use our Harry Potter career guide to find your dream wizarding role.
Jessica Murray
Jessica Murray
harry potter career

Hogwarts letter got lost in the post? We might never be able to sit our O.W.L.S but we can still dream about bossing our charms class and winning the House Cup, right?

To celebrate the 37th birthday of the Boy Who Lived, we’ve put together the ultimate careers guide for the Wizarding World. Wands at the ready, here is what you could be doing in our magical alter-universe. Interested in jobs in the wizarding world?

Chemistry – Potioneer

Harry Potter Chemistry

Your degree in Chemistry is very much like a N.E.W.T in Potions. Long hours spent in a dungeon mixing chemicals, producing dodgy smells and hoping for the right results. As a fully qualified Potioneer you could be brewing, designing new potions or teaching potion skills at a wizarding school.

Mathematics – Arithmancer

Harry Potter mathematics

Hermione Granger’s favourite subject, Arithmancy involves using complicated number charts to make predictions. For example, the famous arithmancer Bridget Wenlock was the first to discover the magical properties of the number seven. As a Mathematics student, you’ll be right at home with these complex theorums.

Zoology – Dragonologist

Harry Potter Zoology

If you could choose one animal to study for the rest of your life, it would have to be dragons, right? As a zoologist you would be perfect to follow in the steps of Charlie Weasley and dedicate your life to the creatures. You might even become a published author, like Newt Scaramander, who wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Product Design – Wandmaker

Harry Potter design

Not as cutting edge as the latest iPhone, but wands and brooms are the must-have gadgets in the wizarding world. The Steve Jobs of the wand market, Ollivander, will show you the ropes.

Psychology – Obliviator

Harry Potter Psychology

Master of the mind, you would be perfect as an Obliviator. Your job is to make sure the Wizarding World remains a secret from muggles, by wiping or modifying the memories of non-witches and wizards. Like hypnotism but much scarier.

International Relations – Muggle Relations

Harry Potter International Relations

Managing the tense relationship between the muggle and magical world requires some skill. Following major magical disasters (think Death Eaters tearing up Millennium Bridge during rush hour), it’s your job to manage the muggle backlash. Only those with a degree in International Relations could get to grips with the complexity of the role.

Engineering – Metal Charmer

harry potter career engineering

From golden snitches to sneakoscopes, Metal Charmers are able to do some pretty magical things. They use charms to imbue metal with magical properties that, unlike normal charms, will remain in place after their death. Engineering with a magical spin.

Politics – Minister for Magic

Harry Potter politics

Cornelius Fudge. Rufus Scrimgeour. Kingsley Shacklebolt. Having a ridiculously fancy name isn’t the only thing all Ministers of Magic have in common. As the Prime Minister of the Wizarding World it is their job to uphold the peace, balance tricky relations and implement new policies.

Accounting – Gringotts Clerk

Harry Potter accountancy

Despite the occasional escaping dragon, Gringotts is known as the safest place in the wizarding world, and can provide quite a lucrative career for those trained in the ways of money. Your colleagues may be trolls (often not the friendliest faces), but you’ll be guarding some of the greatest magical gems in existence.

Archaeology – Curse-breaker

Harry Potter archaeology

Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter. An off-shoot of Gringotts, Curse-Breakers travel the world visiting ancient tombs and historical sites to break curses and bring gold back to the bank. It’s a dangerous business, with the risk of being killed by an old curse, and you there are many required qualifications. Definitely more exciting than dusting stones.

English or Media – Daily Prophet reporter

Harry Potter English

It’s not exactly known for its journalistic integrity, but The Daily Prophet is the wizarding world’s biggest newspaper with the ability to influence the minds of many. Budding writers can try their hand at sensationalist headlines, slanderous content and shady journalistic tactics.

Medicine – Mediwizard

Harry Potter medicine

As the medics of the wizarding world, it’s your job to treat all injuries and illnesses. Although you’ll be based at  St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, you’re most likely to be found on the side of a Quidditch field, on hand to treat the numerous injuries that result from flying into people at high speed.

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