15 crazy cheap ways to decorate a university room

White walls and boring curtains shouldn't have to define your university life. Check out our best ways to decorate your uni room without breaking the bank.
Brenda Wong
Brenda Wong

Arriving on campus at the dawn of your first year should be the most exciting time of your student life. Stepping into halls into your drab and dreary university room is however, likely to put a dampener on that. Now, you don’t have to go as crazy as these guys did, but we can turn your halls into a home with these crazy cheap ways to decorate a university room.

1. Hide all of your loose bits

Cheap ways to decorate your university room | Woven Basket

Oo-er. We meant, of course, things like loose nail polish bottles, moisturisers and dry shampoo sitting on your desk. A messy room makes a messy mind, so disguise all of your knick-knacks with things like block-coloured boxes.

By Tiger, ВЈ4

2. Dip your succulents in gold

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Plant pots dipped in gold

Well, not literally. But if you’ve gone so far to get yourself a plant for your room, why not show it off with a gold-dipped plant pot? One goes for ВЈ10, so don’t go too crazy.

By sortcement, ВЈ10

3. Divide up your drawers

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Tessellating boxes

Yeah, we know this might not be the most exciting of tips, but you’d be surprised how refreshing it is to be able to, at one glance, take a look at everything in a drawer.

These tessellating boxes will do the trick, and as of writing this is half price at Argos, so…

By Argos, ВЈ2.99

4. Have a handy place for your umbrellas

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Storage basket

It’s nice to have a specific place for your random bits. Think umbrellas, or copies of your university paper you would like to keep. We quite like this one from H&M.

By H&M, ВЈ6.99

5. Ombre basically all the things

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Dip dye curtains

We love this dip-dye curtain tutorial for your curtains that’ll get your room in trend in no time.

Tutorial by Decorator’s Notebook here

6. Use wall decals

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Wall decal

I mean, just look at this polka dot one.

By Just the Frosting, ВЈ3.83

7. Wire ’em up

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Wire mesh board

The ones you can get on the high street are crazy expensive, but we’ve got you a DIY tutorial that will only cos you about ВЈ13.

(We’d suggest you lean this against a wall on a desk – we’re pretty sure you’re not allowed to drill into your hall walls!)

Tutorial by Burkatron here

8. Don’t buy art, make it


Get your friends together with a couple of beers and get to work on some acrylic masterpieces. Don’t forget to tape them up with artsy washi tape.

Watercolours by Hobbycraft, ВЈ5
A4 Paper by Hobbycraft, ВЈ4
Washi Tape by Paperchase, ВЈ3

9. Organise your stationery with mason jars

Cheap ways to decorate your university room | Mason jar organisers

Well you’ll need a place for all your new bits of stationery, after all.

Tutorial by The DIY Playbook here

Mason Jars by Ball, ВЈ8.99 for 4

10. (Fairy) light it up

Cheap ways to decorate your university room | Fairy lights

You thought we weren’t going to mention them, didn’t you? Drape them around your mirror for some extra vanity action.

By Mrdigital, ВЈ6

11. Make everything you own look copper

Cheap ways to decorate a university room | Copper lamp

Industrial is in, after all.
Tutorial by The Debrief here

12. Frame up your life

Cheap ways to decorate your university room | Frames

These frames are super cheap and will completely class up your bedroom. Goodbye blue-tack stained walls!

By Find Me A Gift, ВЈ3.99

Tutorial by Momtastic here

13. Washi tape your boring desk

Image via Shelterness

Best use of washi tape ever, or best us of washi tape ever?

By Hobbycraft, ВЈ3

14. Use a vinyl chalkboard decal for your notices


Finally, a space for all your passive aggressive door messages.

By The Gift Oasis, ВЈ6.99

15. Hang up your Polaroid memories

Image via The Pics Group

We just couldn’t leave this classic one out.

Clothes pegs by Amazon, ВЈ3

Feature image В© cathyniland via F*** Yeah Bedrooms!

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