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 Article by Jacob Turner

The ultimate feel good playlist, and the science of happy listening

This piece was written by an external contributor. Check out Jacob Turner’s handpicked feel good playlist and the science behind it below:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a great song can turn a bad day right around. More than two thirds of us like listening to music when we’re feeling down, which is wise as a recent study showed that listening to music naturally releases dopamine. This awesome chemical is mostly associated with reward-motivated behaviour, and is key to making us feel great.

But it’s not just about dancing around your room like a madman, music has also become a key part of a good study session, and most workplaces. Where a task is clearly defined or repetitive music can consistently increase focus. Equally in what is often a noisy environment music can offer an escape.

Top Tips


Bearing all this in mind there are two key ways to really boost your focus when listening as you work. Firstly ambient sounds and avoiding songs with too many lyrics can help you focus, and avoid distraction. This doesn’t mean sitting and listening to classical music though, film and game soundtracks are great to listen to too. A bit of Lord of the Rings or anything by Hans Zimmer I find can go a long way. Secondly and most importantly it’s really familiarity that’s key to productivity; stopping your brain from getting distracted and thinking too hard about what sounds may come next.

feel good playlist

Now you’ve got a scientific reason to turn the music up, sit back, relax and sing along. With that in mind here’s an ultimate playlist of guilty pleasures to get you started and feeling great 😉

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