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How to discover your career path 

So, your goal is to land yourself a graduate-level job in a role that is ultimately right for you. Achieving this goal will allow you to start your graduate career on the right foot and set you up for further success. …
Kim Connor Streich
Kim Connor Streich

So, your goal is to land yourself a graduate-level job in a role that is ultimately right for you. Achieving this goal will allow you to start your graduate career on the right foot and set you up for further success. 

If you’ve started considering your career pathway options, but are unsure of what roles are right for you, read on! 

In the next 3 minutes, you will:

  • Have a much clearer idea of the graduate roles that are right for you
  • Be able to make more informed career decisions
  • Understand how to implement some actionable steps towards successfully launching your graduate career

How to work out which graduate jobs are right for you.

Many students and graduates feel overwhelmed by the vast number of graduate job titles out there. In such a state, it is easy to start ‘panic applying’ for numerous different roles and hoping for the best. 

However, this approach is problematic. Graduate recruiters are trained to identify the extent to which a candidate is suitable for the role they have applied for. There is a simple solution to this – understanding your career typology

Very few students and graduates are aware of this, but all graduate jobs can be categorised into 3 groups. These 3 typologies can be illustrated by the following image:

graduate coach career typology

The 3 career typologies explained

  • Specialist – companies hire these graduates for their core knowledge and expertise in a specific field. Examples of graduate roles for specialists include: Doctor, pharmacist, computer scientist, engineers, designers etc.
  • Knowledge Architect – companies hire these graduates for their ability to analyse data and derive actionable insights for making informed business decisions. Examples of graduate roles for knowledge architects include: analysts, consultants, accounting and finance-related roles etc.
  • Communicator – finally, companies hire graduates who are communicators to form and maintain viable business relationships with clients, and to facilitate effective communication between departments. Examples of graduate roles for communicators include: sales executives, account managers and more people/relationship-focused roles.

Next steps

Action point 1: Based on the descriptions of the three career typologies above, have a think about which one resonates most with you. What are your core skills? What kind of role do you think you’ll enjoy the most – and be good at?! If you need more help with this, talk with your friends and peers, or contact Graduate Coach.

Now that you know your career typology, you can narrow down your graduate job search. 

Action point 2: Explore the different job roles within your career typology by conducting research. Make a list of the job titles that appeal to you, in numerous businesses from industries you have an interest in. Start wide, then begin to narrow your search when you have a better understanding of the market and the kind of roles out there.

Action point 3: Finally, head over to the opportunities section of the Debut app or to our website to find real roles live right now! Filter by “role” from the drop-down menu and pick the ones that align to your career typology best. Read through the job descriptions of the roles that interest you to discover more about the day-to-day working and future opportunities of your chosen career path.

journalism research

If you feel that you need more support when it comes to working out what graduate role is best for you, visit the Graduate Coach website.  Graduate Coach has been helping students and graduates to secure graduate-level jobs for over 10 years. They offer a 6-stage graduate coaching programme, interview training, books, online courses and more.

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