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5 lessons learned from watching The Apprentice

The Apprentice is hugely entertaining but are there some serious lessons we can take from the 'business professionals' featured?
Harriet Dalwood
Harriet Dalwood

The wildly popular BBC reality television series ‘The Apprentice’ has been aired for almost a decade, and has become staple viewing, and a guilty pleasure,for people across up and down the UK and beyond.

Who doesn’t get somewhat of a kick out of watching Lord Sugar giving a particularly irritating candidate his extremely harsh opinions of them, point his finger at them and fire them from the competition.

As well as being a great source of entertainment, there are also some handy business lessons to be learnt when watching The Apprentice. Here are just a small selection of reasons why you HAVENT been wasting hours of your time sitting on your sofa watching this years series:

  1. You should never be ashamed of your ambition

Being ambitious and knowing what you see in your future is by no means something to feel you need to hide. Ambition is in fact a very desirable character trait and ones which employers often look for when interviewing candidates within their organisations. Using the right adjectives is very important when you’re trying to describe yourself; you want people to know you mean business, you DON’T want them to think of you as cocky and arrogant.

  1. Be honest, but don’t be ridiculous

Stating “I want girls. But most of all, I want the power” to anyone just seems like a pretty awful thing to declare. You might want girls and power but it’s better to keep those goals in your head, otherwise you could possibly come across as a bit misogynistic.

  1. Don’t be sexist

Contestant Mergim Butaja once said “I love working with women, I just want to prove a point that men can sell more than women.” This quote in itself is ridiculous but then Brett Butler-Smythe piped in saying “I generally reckon the task itself is going to be a little bit problematic. Women and fish – ‘Oh my God, I’m not touching it. It’s stinking, it’s slimey, it’s this, that and the other…”

These quite frankly offensive and ignorant comments made the two contestants sound rude, sexist and no doubt put their places on the show in jeopardy. We’re in the 21st century, so you would think these insensitive views would have changed by now.  Get with the programme guys.

  1. Vegans don’t eat fish

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone with a brain, but apparently Mergim did not know this, or at least it seemed like he didn’t have a clue as he tried to sell fish to a vegan restaurant who were very perplexed at the situation.

  1. You can find love on tinder (apparently)

Lord Sugar mentioning tinder is genuinely quite disturbing but we also think he may have confused the app with a dating site and missed the memo about all the hook ups.

He was quoted saying: “If I wanted to be loved, I’d go on Tinder.”

We get the idea behind the quote Lord Sugar, but maybe stop referencing popular promiscuous apps that are used to for more casual encounters and don’t typically tend to help the majority of its users find love!

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