10 things you know if you have spent a whole day in your university library

A truly endless day in your university library can lead you to experience a range of emotions. Some of these may sound familiar.
Avantika Vaishnav
Avantika Vaishnav

This post was written by an external contributor. Abigail Hanley sings a sad song we’re all familiar with – being trapped in the university library.

University students know all too well what a typical day spent in a library feels like. Whether you are studying for exams or writing an essay which you just cannot seem to get your head round, we have all been there. You might even be in your uni library right now procrastinating, if so, reading this article is a fantastic way to take a break, enjoy! Check out the following list as it may be very common for many of you:

The dreaded arrival  

Students will be very familiar with the triumphant feeling you get from just walking into the library early to get a good study spot with the full intention of staying all day and working hard. Walking through those doors is an achievement in itself. You woke up, got out of bed, got dressed and made your way onto campus. Well done you!

Let the procrastination begin…

But that triumphant often does not last and the sudden realisation that you have been there an hour already and all you have done is got your laptop out and scrolled through every social media platform you can get your hands on becomes all too real.

The numb bum sets in

university library

Sitting in the library all day comes with the sad reality that you will be confined to your seat for the majority of the day. The only movement you have been doing all day is by taking unnecessary breaks to get another coffee from the café downstairs. Of course coffee and snacks are a necessity for a library day.

The maze

There comes a point where the texts you have brought along with you are not providing you with sufficient information. So you decide that you need to find a book from within the library but you actually have absolutely no idea where to get it from (despite not being a first year student anymore, it is embarrassing fact that despite having attended this university for a long while you still cannot use the library efficiently.)

H is for hungry

university library

It always gets to that point right before lunchtime, when all you want is your Sainsbury’s meal deal so you begin to get irritable and everything annoys you. From the person beside you who keeps sniffing or tapping their pen to your laptop being completely unresponsive. You begin to realise that as much as you hate the term ‘hangry’ it is a real emotional state which you are experiencing in its full force.

People watching suddenly becomes fun

When you’re half way through the day and you just sit there noticing everyone who walks in and out, especially that one person who has got up 5 times already! Your focus is pretty much out the window, oh and so is everything interesting as you stare longingly for the freedom which awaits outside of those four walls.

Familiar faces

university library 2

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of a familiar face. The feeling of sweet relief is overwhelming as you see your friend and feel the need to have a catch up for half an hour.

Procrastination takes its toll

The happiness of conversation and a distraction is short lived as you start to realise that you have been there for hours by now and have not been as productive as you planned so spend an hour panic studying.

Oh yes, and again…

university library

Then of course, more distraction as you sit there watching the library staff put books back on the shelves and wishing you were doing anything but being sat at this desk writing this essay.

Sweet relief!

And finally the last decision of the day is to leave so you can go home, have dinner and go to bed. Ready to repeat the same routine the next day (or maybe take a day off, you worked hard today)

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