Talent Spot for events

New feature: Guarantee your ideal event audience in days

Our new Talent Spot feature is now live on the app and is already having a great impact on our employers’ events.

We found employers were using various third party systems to manage event registration once attendees tapped ‘YES’ on Debut. This made it a clunky process for candidates leading to higher drop out rates.

If a candidate could no longer attend an event, there was no easy way of letting the employer know, creating uncertainty and wasted resources.

Employers needed a way to offer a seamless mobile experience for the candidate and an integrated, predictable system to manage their events.

Talent Spot for events enables employers to enter the ideal number of attendees they need. When candidates receive a Talent Spot they can see the number of spaces available for that event. Once all the spaces are filled, candidates can add themselves to a waiting list.

If candidates can no longer attend, they can release their place to someone else on the waiting list. Confirmed attendees receive a ‘reminder’ push notification 48 hours before the event, allowing them to submit a new response and ensuring the integrity of the attendee list.

This new feature offers a seamless process for candidates and greater manageability for employers during the busiest times of the year.

For more information on how Talent Spot for events could benefit you, email partnerships@debut.careers today.