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See how Norhan says its a really exciting app to use benefitted from the Debut experience

Norhan says its a really exciting app to use

University of Surrey

Graduate Highways Engineer at Jacobs CH2M

“It’s quite demotivating applying for jobs, so when you start receiving messages from employers, you realise you actually have valuable skills.”

At Debut, we’re more than just an app. We’re a support network and community, and whether it’s through livestreams, games or events we work tirelessly to help students and graduates find their dream role. For Norhan, it was one of these events that introduced her to the company in which she would eventually start working as a Graduate Highways Engineer. At Debut’s Future You event, featuring a range of engineering firms, Norhan spoke to Jacobs CH2M.

“If I hadn’t gone to that event, I wouldn’t have applied for the role, because I wouldn’t have known about them. And I got to ask them real questions that you would probably be too scared to ask at interviews. The representatives from Jacobs CH2M were very approachable and I felt like I could ask them anything.”

“Meeting them face-to-face meant I actually got to see their work ethic. If I don’t like the vibe or culture of the company, I’d rather not apply, and you can’t find that out over the computer. I’m really thankful to my company because it’s a really nice place to work.”

Not knowing which companies to apply for is a common problem students face when first entering the graduate recruitment market, and Debut helped Norhan find the perfect place to work “People tend to go for the big names – the really obvious ones, the ones you’ve heard of. But sometimes there are bigger companies that are better suited to you but people aren’t as commercially aware of them. Like Jacobs CH2M; I’d never heard of them before, but they’re a massive engineering company, just more ‘behind-the scenes.’”

Following the event Norhan was Messaged by Jacobs CH2M and fast-tracked straight to a telephone interview, and following a face-to-face interview, was offered the role.

“It sounds really cliché, but it’s really nice for people to search for you. It’s quite demotivating applying for jobs, so when you start getting Messaged, you realise you actually have valuable skills. It’s a really exciting app to use.”

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