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Your society members have the talent to make a positive difference to any workplace, but it’s not easy finding ways to help them showcase their talents to the world. We want to change that.

Entering the world of work isn’t easy, particularly in certain industries. It’s hard enough deciphering what a job description means, let alone knowing if the skills you’ve developed are the right ones for the role.

This is where Debut ❤️️ Societies come in. We’ll provide you with the resources and support you need to maximise every career opportunity that comes your way.

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📷 Photo famous 📷

No one thinks about needing a headshot until they need one – and trust us, you’ll need one sooner than you think. We’ll provide a professional photographer at your next event to ensure no one ever needs to upload a blurry bathroom selfie / cropped club picture to LinkedIn again.

📣 Real Talk 📣

One of the biggest reasons cited for rejecting candidates is their lack of “soft skills”, but what does that even mean? At our Real Talk event series we’ll interview some of the UK’s biggest graduate employers and host a live Q&A session with graduates who’ve successfully applied to various schemes, giving you the best insights and tips on how soft skills can make your members stand out from the crowd.

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