Most people associate the education sector with teaching, but there are a huge number of other jobs to choose from across all stages – early years, secondary school, further and higher education. Outside of teaching, graduate jobs available fall under administration, marketing, recruitment, training and development, career counselling and advice, publishing and a lot more. While the education sector does not necessarily have many formal graduate schemes, a number of entry level positions exist at all stages. Some roles like counselling, psychology and development may require specialised degrees, while other administrative roles will be open to graduates from any background or discipline. The industry, while not the highest paying, offers a great range of roles and it can be very fulfilling to be part of educating the next generation. Like many other industries, technology has had a huge impact on education and created a completely new sector – edtech. This was on the rise even before Covid-19, but the pandemic has had a major impact on online learning, which means there is also a huge opportunity for graduates looking to break into technology.