Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail industry directly affects millions of lives on a daily basis. There are a number of different graduate job roles available – merchandising, supply chain, marketing, visual merchandising, technology, finance, human resources and lots more. Anything related to the buying and selling of goods for consumption by the general public fall within the Consumer & Retail sector. A successful career in this sector requires strong communication and organisational skills, teamwork and more, particularly if it is a customer-facing role. Analytics skills are also a pre-requisite for this industry, so look out for degrees that offer you a combination of all these skills – like business studies, retail management or logistics and supply chain. As many other industries, retail has had to adapt to the growing use of technology, with over 15% of retail having moved online. This means some traditional roles in the sector have had to transform to focus on the online experience. Consumer & Retail still employs nearly 3 million people in the UK, so no need to panic if this thriving and cutting-edge industry is your calling!