Accountancy/Professional Services

These sectors cover many areas of the day-to-day finances of the business world, including actuarial, assurance, tax, transactions and more. Leading companies include EY, KPMG and and Capita.

Automotive & Transport

Planes, trains and automobiles – this sector is constantly advancing the methods of our travel both nationally and internally, with employers such as Rolls Royce and Airbus.

Banking & Finance

From growing the economy, to personal finance, investing and more. This competitive industry comprises of businesses including multinational banks – like HSBC and Barclays – to smaller wealth management specialists.

Charity & Public Sector

Working in this sector means helping charitable organisations and public sector bodies achieve their goals, whether that be reaching their fundraising targets or working towards national healthcare with an organisation such as the NHS.


Consulting firms are hired to provide an outside perspective and expert advice to businesses, working across a number of areas – including management, finance, HR and more.

Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail industry is at the heart of society and includes large brands such as Arcadia, L’Oreal and Apple. This industry provides the general public with the goods needed to satisfy their shopping needs.


There are a number of subsections to specialise in within this sector; from renewable energy like solar and nuclear, to non-renewable like coal, oil and natural gas.

Engineering & Industrial

These fast paced industries are responsible for creating, building and maintaining all kinds of things – from buildings, to products and even aerospace crafts. Leading companies include Aecom and Siemens.


FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies deliver products – typically those used everyday (think clothes and food) – to customers at a high turnover rate. Supermarket chain Aldi is a leader within this field.


Businesses specialising in travel / tourism, food and drink, events management and accomodation all fall under the Hospitality umbrella.


Companies need people management – individuals who will look after employees’ welfare, enjoyment and financial needs. That’s where HR comes in.


The law sector has many avenues; from being a barrister or solicitor and representing clients in a courtroom, to working as a paralegal, to being the legal expert for third-party companies. Top law firms include Gowling WLG and Herbert Smith Freehills.

Marketing & Media

Marketing & Media essentially exist at the junction of data and imagination. Jobs may include planning events, promoting content, market research and managing media relations.

Other Sectors

Looking for something a little different? Here’s the best of the rest that fall outside of our listed sectors.

Property & Construction

Whether it be designing homes and building them with a company like Galliford Try, or even purchasing / selling them on with an employer such as Foxtons, there’s a wealth of opportunity in this sector.


The Recruitment industry helps supply candidates with new career opportunities, and provides businesses with fresh employees. You may work in-house for a multinational company as part of their recruitment team, or for an agency like Maxxima.


The Sales sector is what brings the money in for businesses. It’s responsible for expansion, gaining new clients and above all generating revenue. Roles in sales are available across most industries.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Keeping everything in order and placing products in the right place, at the right time, is the name of the game in Supply Chain & Logistics. DHL is one of the companies at the forefront of this sector.


The Tech sector incorporates everything from research and development, to the manufacturing and distribution of technological goods. Employers in this field include Microsoft, Capgemini and Cisco.


Most of the devices we use everyday, including our mobile phones and laptops, have been created and developed by businesses in the Telecoms sector.