Account Management

Do you pride yourself on your communication skills? Keeping up strong relationships with clients core to the role of an Account Manager.

Accounting & Tax

If you’re good with numbers, have a logical mind and like dealing with money, a role in Accounting & Tax could be perfect for you. From assurance to transactions – there’s plenty on offer.


Generating data and being comfortable with numbers is at the beating heart of any Analyst role. You could be analysing information from a number of functions within a business, or specialise in one area or on one project.


A role in Compliance means being a stickler for the rules by ensuring that companies adhere to external and internal requirements and policies, from national and international law, to keeping business dealings ethically sound.

Consulting & Strategy

Helping companies with their overall direction or new strategies, lending your expertise in a specific area or sector, is core to a Consulting role. You could work for a number of clients or one business specifically.

Customer Service

Whether it’s answering queries or highlighting new offers, employees in Customer Service help keep people satisfied with businesses and products. These roles can be based face-to-face, or remotely via a call centre or online chat service, for example.


If you’re creative and able to understand the aesthetics of products, digital assets and more, then a role in Design may be for you. You could be creating online or physical products.


Build the world of tomorrow with a role as an Engineer. Whether it’s industrial, chemical, civil or another area, as an Engineer you’ll create, design and build the future.


From working for banking giants to helping a company manage their cash, a job in Finance is essential to making the world go round. Job titles related to finance include Auditor, Mortgage Broker and Trader.


A role in HR is about helping employees succeed in their roles, improving company culture and looking after day-to-day working operations such as payroll, holiday / time off and company benefits.


No company can function without an IT expert. They build software programmes and ensure that day-to-day activity online can function productively. Job opportunities are available in technical support, software development and data analysts.


The law sector has many avenues; from being a Barrister or Solicitor and representing clients in a courtroom, to working as a Paralegal, to being the legal expert for third-party companies. Top law firms include Gowling WLG and Herbert Smith Freehills.


Working in Marketing means engaging customers with a business in new and innovative ways – including with content, online advertising and more. You may skew to the more creative side, working as a Content Marketer, or on the numbers side as a Market Researcher.


Whether it’s writing, producing or video editing, the world of Media is an exciting and ever-evolving place to be. You may be a Journalist, a Producer or work in the world of Public Relations.


It’s not just doctors and nurses that make up the roles in Medical. Help make advancements in health with a job in this area with a role as a researcher, a lab technician, a therapist or something else alternative.


Day-to-day businesses simply wouldn’t work if it weren’t for Operations teams. A role here means facilitating projects and overall management of everything a business requires to run smoothly.

Project Management

Take the lead and oversee all aspects of a project in this role. You’ll need to be super organised and unflappable in stressful situations, with the ability to juggle multiple things at once.

Protective Services

Contribute back to society with a role in Protective Services as part of the police, private security or the forces.  


Got an eye for new and emerging talent? Be in the business of helping launch new careers – and assisting businesses in recruiting new hires – in the fast-paced world of Recruitment.


As a Researcher you’ll be responsible for analysing data and trends in numbers and content to help a business or organisation be at the forefront of their field. You may work across consumer research, marketing or intelligence.


Sales roles are for the ambitious; those who are up for meeting targets, networking with clients and bringing in the money for a business.

Software Engineering

Software Engineers are responsible for building, designing, implementing and improving systems, programmes, apps and more.