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Liverpool at a glance

Though it may be known for the scouse accent, the riverside city of Liverpool is far more than that. It’s been named European Capital of Culture, City of Music and has even been granted UNESCO World Heritage status due to its significant port. You certainly won’t be at a loss for things to do if you choose to relocate to this north-western powerhouse.

This city has a huge tourism sector – and it’s no wonder, being home to The Beatles and a great music scene overall. All the main attractions are within walking distance – and the Albert Docks are probably some of the prettiest docks in the UK (seriously). So keep on reading if you’re thinking that you could add ‘Liverpudlian’ to your title.

Area guide to Liverpool

The city centre of Liverpool has everything you need close by. From the bustling shopping hub of Liverpool ONE, to world famous bars like the Cavern Club. Of course, rent is slightly more expensive around here, so if you’re a student, you may want to look more at places like Wavertree, Smithdown or Mossley Hill. All these areas have shops, eateries and cheap pints available (a must-have for any student).

Nearby Liverpool is the historic Speak Hall, Tatton Park and Beeston Castle. Venture a little further afield, and you’ll be able to hit up the beaches of Formby or even Blackpool. A little advice though – try to go in summer; they aren’t much fun in the cold and wet. If you want to travel by sea, grab a ferry over to Dublin or Belfast for a short break away.

Universities in Liverpool

There are a number of universities and higher education colleges in Liverpool, including:


Employers in Liverpool

There are a number of high-profile, national and international employers that have offices based in Liverpool. From automotive companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, to food and produce giants such as Princes and John West. Other companies that actively recruit in the area include companies like EY, KPMG, PwC and Capgemini.

Liverpool by Sector

Liverpool is mainly dominated by the service sector industries, including health, education, retail and not forgetting tourism.

Public administration, education & health

This city is home to some of the biggest government agencies, including HM Passport Office, Criminal Records Bureau and HMRC (if you’ve ever called any of these and heard a scouse accent, that’s why!). With three high-ranking universities in its midst, as well as two research hospitals, there are plenty of jobs to be found within these sectors, too.

Banking, finance & insurance

These sectors are three of the fastest-growing areas in Liverpool overall. From a number of different sites from some of the banking giants, to call centres in these areas, the world of finance is hot on the doorstep of Liverpool.


With its famous history and thriving cultural scene it’s no wonder the tourism sector is booming in Liverpool. In fact, the tourism industry is now worth £4.3 billion, welcomed over 62 million visitors to the region and thought to support nearly 51,500 jobs in the city.

Cost of living in Liverpool

Liverpool is around 40-60% less expensive than London, proving that the North can indeed give you more for your money. The same applies to daily costs – going out for dinner for two can cost as little as £22 and a pint as little as £3 for standard city centre prices, though the student neighbourhoods allegedly offer them for a £1. Amazing, right?!

There’s a lot to choose from shopping-wise, from upmarket boutiques and designer outlets, to high-street and bargain stores. In terms of getting around Liverpool, a monthly public transport ticket will cost around £50. Yet another bargain compared to the £138 ticket available in London.

  • Accountancy/Professional Services
  • Consulting
  • Sales
  • Technology


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