Undergrad Intern - OPS (Pivotal Attribute Sciences)

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Let's do this. Let's change the world. During this program, you will optimize Amgen's chromatography data analysis algorithms to drive efficiency in Amgen's quest to develop innovative cancer treatments.

  • Training stage - You will learn from top Amgen scientists the mission of Amgen's Rapid Analytics team in the development of medicines, the basics of protein chromatography, and the important tasks we'll be asking of you in helping Amgen to improve the way we acquire and analyze chromatography data. You will attend training course(s) to become proficient in using Empower Chromatography Data Management Software for analyzing Chromatogaphy data.
  • Familiarization and Support stage - We will "bring you to Amgen" to familiarize you with the analytical assays that our teams support. We'll begin to support data analysis of real data sets, and participate in the data review process. You'll continue this work throughout your internship.
  • Innovation stage - Taking from what you've learned in the Empower training, as well as analyzed data, we'll work together to optimize our data analysis practices by creating automated integration programs. We'll test the automated integration and data review programs you have created across different data sets, optimizing parameters to ensure reliable functioning.
  • Summary stage - At the end of the internship, you'll share lessons learned with the team and how we can continue to apply data processing scripts moving forward.

Amgen requires that all individuals applying for a grad internship or a co-op assignment at Amgen must meet the following criteria:

18 years or older

Currently enrolled in a full time Bachelor's Degree program from an accredited college or university with a 3.0 minimum GPA or equivalent

Completion of one year of study from an accredited college or university prior to the internship commencing

Enrolled in a full time Bachelor's degree program following the potential internship or co-op assignment with an accredited college or university

Must not be employed at the time the internship starts

Preferred Qualifications

Degree concentration(s) in Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Chemistry, or Engineering

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