Train Planning Placement (Sept 2021)

Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd. · Competitive · London
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GTR's Undergraduate Placement Scheme is located within the heart of the busy Train Planning Unit and the successful applicants will be part of a team of around 60 planners. Successful candidates will be expected to be functioning and productive members of the team with appropriate training and support. The role is structured to ensure a wide-ranging set of work experiences and varied workload. For example:


  • Producing documents for operational and customer service colleagues that detail short-term variations to the advertised timetable as necessitated by engineering work or special events. These contain essential information required by drivers, station staff and 24-hour controllers.
  • Recording the department's Key Performance Indicators and producing related reports.
  • Organising and administrating the Special Events Planning Group.
  • Undertaking train planning activities to support the teams.
  • Maintaining and developing timetable data to inform the Passenger Information System on board our various Fleets.

Applicants will need:

  • To be a registered University student on a transport or logistics related under-graduate sandwich degree programme.
  • An understanding of the railway industry, its framework and operation.
  • Strong IT skills, specifically Microsoft Excel and Word, with an ability to learn additional specialist techniques and packages as required.
  • An ability to self-organise and manage tasks efficiently.
  • Analytical skills, initiative and an ability to communicate effectively.
  • An accurate, clear, methodical and responsible approach to work.

On-going liaison with the applicant's University and tutorial field visits are encouraged. The successful applicant will participate in all available formal GTR courses and Personal Development Plans, and the Train Planning Development Manager will conduct all Placement reviews where these are stipulated by the University.

Ideally, a two-month overlap will occur with the present incumbents to facilitate workplace familiarisation, a smooth handover and to ease the new post holders into their new role. The contract for the position should last from July 2021 until September 2022.

The Govia Thameslink Railway Train Planning Unit is located at London King's Cross Station, however, the team are currently working at home so applicants should be prepared for either.

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