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Whilst some see London as a hotbed of job and education opportunities – with many employers operating their HQ’s in the capital and lots of institutions available – others believe that the cost of general day-to-day life in the big city outweighs the benefits that it brings.


In the famous words of Stone Roses’ lead singer, Ian Brown: “Manchester’s got everything except a beach.” So if you’re looking for a myriad of employment opportunities, a vibrant culture, affordable cost of living and a good dose of edginess, then Manchester is the place for you.


If you want to avoid the London bubble and still enjoy a prosperous career, look no further than Birmingham. Not only is it the biggest city outside of London, it’s also a leading hub for retail, transport, events and conferences across Europe. Plus it’s a significant centre for higher education, with four universities and a huge number of higher education colleges.


Fancy heading to a capital city that’s not London? Why not get out of England, and head to the majestic hills of Edinburgh? Not only is it extremely picturesque, but it’s bursting with culture, playing host to the world-famous Fringe Festival every August. It’s also home to historic castles, traditional Scottish pubs and of course the café that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter in (if you’re a Potterhead, you’ll love this city for sure).


Nottingham! The home of Robin Hood and the heart of the East Midlands. This city has a rich history; from Nottingham castle to the (allegedly) oldest pub in England, there’s plenty to see. But it’s also not short on shopping, restaurants and a rising music industry. The two universities in the city are infamous for their rivalry, and their hilarious interactions on Twitter.


Though it may be known for the scouse accent, the riverside city of Liverpool is far more than that. It’s been named European Capital of Culture, City of Music and has even been granted UNESCO World Heritage status due to its significant port. You certainly won’t be at a loss for things to do if you choose to relocate to this north-western powerhouse.


Leeds is notorious for being one of the most ‘hipster’ cities in the UK. With a thriving social scene, boat loads of attractions and a famously good nightlife for students, you’re guaranteed to have a great time there. It’s the third biggest city in the UK, home to a population of over 800,00 people and also housing hundreds of companies from a range of sectors.


If you’re looking to relocate to somewhere a little more coastal, then Cardiff could be the city for you. With a population of just over 350,000 it’s the smallest capital in Europe, but it’s also thriving, being named the UK’s most sociable city. It has a close-knit and vibrant community to take advantage of.


It may not be the capital of Scotland, but it’s still bursting with opportunity. Glasgow is a mix of the old and new. Previously an old port city, it now hosts a modern and progressive arts and cultural scene and a huge abundance of quirky bars and restaurants. In fact, lots of churches were decommissioned in the seventies, so it’s pretty common to go and have a holy pint, if you’re so inclined.

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