Junior Business Analyst Apprentice

QA Ltd · Competitive · London
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  • You will work closely with our team to gain an understanding of the core content systems as well as our planning/operations capabilities.
  • As part of your apprenticeship, you will also work closely with our stakeholders across the business, including both of the editorial newsrooms and also our Publishing Operations team.
  • The intention is for you to build valuable domain knowledge that will serve our team valuably over time by ensuring that the applications and solutions we build continue to be fit for purpose for our users.

Youll show passion for technical challenges and the bravery to take risks with bold ideas. We want you to be an important part of self-organised, highly motivated teams with the curiosity to unravel complex problems and the optimism to take exciting, innovative approaches.


  • Can communicate confidently with peers and management
  • Can present a problem and solution clearly and logically, and in a confident manner inspiring trust

Planning and Organisation:

  • Is self-motivated to manage own time and work
  • Is delivery focussed

Analytical Thinking:

  • Understands the business reason behind
  • Can decompose the abstract into tangible detail - taking something large, ambiguous and conceptual and breaking it into smaller pieces, patterns and views
  • Can sequence business and technical process steps, decisions and events logically

Decision Making & Judgement:

  • Understands how to reach a decision and move forward
  • Understands when its appropriate to check work with peers or managers, and when to ask for guidance
  • Can understand the effect of a process change on technology and vice versa

Managing Relationships:

  • Understands the importance of shared information and knowledge management for the overall success of the organisation and breaks down information silos wherever possible
  • Actively builds and maintains relationships with team members to better understand and work toward wider team goals and vision

Entry requirements:

  • A degree in Business or in a Business-related programme e.g. Finance, Economics, Maths etc., or
  • Non Business-related Degree + at-least 6 months of work experience*, or
  • Existing Staff member with 2+ years of work experience*, or
  • Level 3 Qualification + at-least 12 months of work experience* & Robust On-boarding plan (learner must work in the organisation for 3 months before sign up)*

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