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  • 1 x Mechanical Maintenance
  • 1 x Laboratory Operations
  • 1 x Metrology
  • 2 x Operations/Quality

Outline of Maintenance Apprenticeship role:

As part of your role as a maintenance apprentice, you will be responsible for ensuring machine tools are available and capable by means of:

  • Maintaining equipment & facilities following a safe system of work.
  • Identifying faults & errors & developing skills to overcome them.
  • Understanding preventative/predictive maintenance programs.
  • Undertaking training in the assembling/disassembling of equipment.
  • Following documented procedures/policies to diagnose & complete repairs.

Outline of Laboratory Operations apprenticeship role:

As a Technician in our Laboratory Operations function, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Carrying out standard and non-standard turbocharger tests.
  • Working closely with engineers to determine best options/testing approach.
  • Setting up turbochargers in test cells and on engines to perform turbocharger functional tests.
  • Setting-up on test engines.
  • Writing complex test programmes.
  • Producing test data and assessing for quality prior to handing over to engineering.
  • Building prototype turbochargers.
  • Machining non-standard prototype parts.
  • Carrying out detailed disassembly and inspection of tested components.
  • Carrying out routine test cell and engine bed maintenance.

Outline of Metrology apprenticeship role:

As a Metrology Technician within our UK Prototype division, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing complex component testing and measurement using a problem-solving approach, a range of Metrology equipment and methods, and a solid Engineering foundation knowledge
  • Interpreting complex Engineering drawings and models, utilizing a good understanding of process and product functionality
  • Creating and developing new measurement programs and methods for manual equipment, Co-Ordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), and topographical material analysis tools
  • Obtaining an advanced understanding of various manual and CNC machining methods and their respective impacts within a Metrology environment
  • Reporting on unique Engineering, testing, machining, and assembly requirements in a suitable manner to ensure product is manufactured correctly
  • Using an advanced skillset and knowledge to provide validation reports for Engineering investigations

Outline of Operations/Quality apprenticeship role (x2):

Technical Support Technicians work as part of a team to provide technical support and expertise to all areas of the manufacturing function. As a Technical Support Technician in our Quality or Operations function you will be responsible for some of the following:

  • Learning the Quality processes within manufacturing.
  • Learning about operational excellence in the Kaizen team.
  • Operating a range of machinery in our production areas.
  • Conducting investigations into operations' quality problems.
  • Turbo strip down and fault-finding investigations.
  • Completion of daily quality checks.
  • Coordinating measuring machine and programmable gauge programming & operation.
  • Raising material nonconformance documents.
  • Product and process auditing.
  • Destination role on completion of apprenticeship to be within one of our machining areas, operational support functions or quality function

Overview of course:

You will study full time at Appris College (Bradford) in your first year learning a broad range of engineering knowledge and skills which may include:

  • Producing components using hand fitting techniques
  • Maintaining mechanical devices and equipment
  • Assembling and testing fluid power systems
  • Producing mechanical assemblies
  • Preparing and using lathes for turning operations
  • Preparing and using milling machines

After your first year you will come on site for the duration of your apprenticeship to learn your role within the company and will study one day per week at Appris. Included in the 4 year apprenticeship is a 2 year Level 4 HNC qualification.

Application process:

As part of our screening process we are looking for some specific information. You may choose to submit a CV, however, please consider attaching an additional document with the information required below to allow you to include sufficient detail:

1. Education and Training - include details of the school/college, GCSEs taken and grades obtained, (if you only have predicted grades at this stage, please detail those and mark with

  • ).

1. Please state from any of the subjects you are studying/have studied, which interests you the most and give a brief description of any relevant and interesting projects you have completed.

2. Please tell us about your interests and hobbies, giving details of positions of responsibility, achievements and any public duties undertaken. Please indicate where you believe your hobbies have equipped you with additional skills that will enable you to succeed within the job applied for.

3. Please tell us why you are seeking an apprenticeship. Why you are interested in engineering and what are the key areas that interest you?

You can choose to apply for any or all of the positions listed above, please indicate on your application which positions you would like to apply for and indicate your preferences by numbering them 1 - 4 (1 being first preference).


Entry Requirements:

We are looking for self-motivated people who are a good fit with our business. We want to see and hear that you are genuinely enthusiastic about developing a career in your chosen field, you work well in a team and can plan & organise your time effectively. In addition you will also possess\

  • :
  • 5 GCSEs Grade A\

+ C (level 4-9): Including English language and a Science/Technology subject

  • Mathematics: GCSE Grade B or above (Level 5-9 equivalent)

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