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We are offering you the chance to be part of something amazing. We use innovation, partnerships, and our 60 years of experience to offer our clients exceptional advice, research and development. Every day, our people use their passion, skills and intelligence to make the world a safer place. Why not join us?

What will your role look like?

Roke develops and delivers all kinds of software systems to a broad range of customers. Software engineers at Roke have opportunities to work on everything from early research to mission-critical software. We develop, publish and contribute to open-source software and provide key commercial and sovereign capabilities for our clients.

Early career professionals at Roke get the opportunity to apply themselves across a broad range of projects. Rokes teams carefully choose the most effective tools for each development and as such we are always learning new tools, frameworks, approaches and sometimes languages. We build teams that can adapt to solve our customers evolving challenges and rarely solve the same problem twice.

We write fast software, some low level, some massively scaled. We write software to assure and test and we build sophisticated DevOps setups to apply the rigor and regularity that we and our customers expect. We write smart mobile apps, polished web front-ends and visualise complex concepts and data simply. Sometimes we carefully and slowly develop our software, sometimes speed saves lives and customers want something to try tomorrow. Amongst these areas and Rokes other expert fields theres space to grow expertise and develop your passions.

A software engineer at Roke has a wide range of places to apply themselves and always new things to learn. We often work in teams and apply Agile methodologies. You can take opportunities to lead teams, customer engagements and own technical solutions. We work together to solve challenges and learn from the experience and insight of others. Some technologies we like at the moment

Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Go, Rust, C#, Kotlin, Swift

Linux, Android, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Terraform, GitLab, AWS, Vue, React, Node, Django, Flask, Spring

What does our Graduate Development Programme look like?

At Roke we recruit some of the best talent the country has to offer. We provide the building blocks necessary for successful integration into the business, as well as the ongoing support to enable our graduate community to fulfil their undoubted potential. Thats why weve created a programme that will accelerate individual learning and development while delivering real business value by giving you the time, trust and freedom to take control of your career. This emphasis on experiential learning is supported through initiatives including:

A mixture of technical and soft skill training in order to provide you with the skills you need to thrive

Regular access to senior leaders

Opportunities to attend external exhibitions/conferences in order to broaden industry knowledge

We have a wide range of opportunities in this area so your role will vary depending on your existing experience, our customer needs and your aspirations.

Roke is looking for staff enthusiastic about developing software. One way in part to evidence that is an honours degree in a relevant subject. A demonstrable passion for making good software

An ability to pick up new tools, frameworks and languages fast

An ability to analyse problems and communicate well thought through solutions

An ability to develop new solutions where no pre-existing solution fits

A willingness and capability to work as part of a team

What additional skills would be useful?

An awareness and experience of working with open-source software

A familiarity with Linux

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