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We are currently looking to expand our Advanced Technology team by adding a data science capability. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of an expanding and highly skilled team. In this position, you will be challenged technically across multiple disciplines and have an opportunity to apply and grow your data science skills and experience.

Using cloud based data science tools to investigate and analyse information from unstructured source (such as x ray images) and structured data (e.g. sales, products, customers), to help the business derive insights from our data for example patient information. Data science analysis will allow the business to explore new innovative areas for the Research and Development function of the business.

This role will draw on and expand on IT analytical skills, using technology to innovate, data modelling, data visualisation, user experience, data and information.

The Data Scientist role will use IT analytical skills, using technology to innovate, data modelling, data visualisation, user experience, data and information to add insight to our business.

The key technical skills and responsibilities for this role are:

Analytics : Undertake analytical activities and deliver analysis outputs of unstructured data, structured data and external data, in accordance with customer needs and conforming to agreed standards. Apply a range of mathematical, statistical, predictive modelling and machine-learning techniques to data provided by business stakeholders.


Within given analytical research goals, assists in selection and review of appropriate data sources.

Read relevant articles to update knowledge of the relevant field. Reports on work carried out.

Apply data analysis, design, modelling, and quality assurance techniques, based upon a detailed understanding of business processes, to establish, modify or maintain data structures and associated components (entity descriptions, relationship descriptions, attribute definitions). Liaise with database designers and other application development team members on the details of data structures and associated components.

Using data science techniques to define, tailor, implement, measure, assess, measure and automate data. Work to improve methods and tools to support data analysis.

Data management:

Takes responsibility for the accessibility, security, quality, retention and ethical handling of specific subsets of data. The ethics apply when we are working with health care data. Assesses the integrity of data from multiple sources. Manipulates specific data from information services, to satisfy defined information needs. Apply ethical and robust techniques in the transformation of data from one format to another.

Design, code, verify, test, document simple programs/scripts. Apply agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result. Review own work.

Select appropriate visualisation approach from a range of applicable options. Contributes to exploration and experimentation in data visualisation.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with a passion for data. You will be required to have good communication skills to understand business needs from data and communicate patterns and insights you derive from the data. A self-starter who can identify opportunities to add business insights to datasets.

Personal Qualities :

  • Motivation - Essential
  • Adaptability - Desirable
  • Team work - Desirable

Skills Required :

  • Good communication skills - Essential
  • Attention to detail - Essential
  • Critical thinking - Desirable
  • Time management- Desirable
  • Problem solving- Desirable

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