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  • Seismic and test fixturing support
  • Assist with Linkedin CWNC updates
  • Equipment logistical moves throughout the organization
  • Quotations support with managing due dates and who they are assigned to.
  • Possibly create a PO tracking process system
  • 6S -- training and visual workplace implement
  • Technical drawing support and organization
  • Materials receipt and disposition as required Quality Assurance
  • Assistance in the review of controlled documents to achieve the following: Determine which documents are current and which should be moved to archive folder; Review currently used documents to ensure that they are issued with CWNC name, CW logo; that they provide references to currently used documents and current editions of standards. Upon completion of the review, perform editorial changes, as applicable
  • Assistance in completion of CFSI procedure N109-287 to reflect current industry practices in regards to detection of counterfeit and fraudulent items. Assistance in documenting QA-related cost-saving initiatives
  • Assistance in periodic verifications of process compliance: ITPs kept up-to-date, product identification
  • Assistance in development and implementation of an improved system for status indicators.

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