3D Modeller, Synthetic Environment - Intern

Collins Aerospace · Competitive · South East England

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In this role you will:

  • Support the design, development, introduction and validation of new synthetic environments and other modelled components
  • Complete detailed 3D environments for use in pilot training
  • Gain an understanding of complex synthetic environments and how they fit into the larger flight simulation environment
  • Maintain compliance to all requirements and where necessary, liaise with the customer and suppliers to determine technical requirements
  • Implement validation activities and record and track progress on resolving validation issues using Application Lifecycle Management tools

Key Accountabilities:

  • Technical Responsibility: Take responsibility for producing high quality technical products
  • Commercial Responsibility: Ensuring on-time delivery of tasks within budget
  • Professional Conduct: Conduct oneself in a professional manner and in accordance with Rockwell Collins Values


  • Take direction from technical leads and managers on the scope of project
  • Take direction from technical lead and project manager on the budget and timescale constraints
  • Responsible to engineering line management professional conduct

Key Competencies:

  • Ownership: Be self-motivated and use own initiative to take full responsibility for meeting personal commitments. Prepared to work outside of normal hours on occasion to meet deadlines
  • Innovation: Identify and suggest ways of improving our products and be prepared to implement the changes. Challenge assumptions and strive to find own solutions in discussion with other engineers
  • Analysis: Demonstrate the ability to provide a logical, in-depth analysis of a problem or situation
  • Cooperation: Take personal initiative to proactively serve as team member
  • Dependability: Ensure that all details of a design are accurate before handing over to others
  • Drive: Display energy, persistence, and a positive attitude when working on all projects
  • Judgment:  Base decisions on factual information and consider alternative courses of action before reaching decisions
  • Listening:  Consistently practice attentive and active listening and can accurately restate the opinions of others
  • Relationships: Develop relationships with others that are based on trust
  • Writing: Produce technical design documents, reports and proposals that are clearly and concisely written

Key Qualifications and Experience:

  • Portfolio showcasing professional and personal work
  • Extensive knowledge of 3D modelling tools
  • Adapt to technical dependencies and engine limitations
  • Experience working with deadlines, and a deadline driven mentality to complete your work
  • High degree of self-motivation and discipline
  • Studying for a degree or higher national diploma in a games development or digital design or another related subject

Ideal candidates will have experience with one, or several of the following:

  • Presagis Creator
  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Solidworks
  • Intermediate to advanced ability in Photoshop / GIMP for texture creation/manipulation
  • Understanding of advanced shaders and non-destructive node-based material creation is desirable but not essential
  • Programming and scripting would be beneficial, but not essential
  • Experience with a real-time platform such as Unreal or Unity is desirable, but not essential
  • Working knowledge of GIS and mapping would be desirable, but not essential
  • Other areas of interest might include AI/ML/DL or AR/VR

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