2022 Graduate Leadership Development Programme

Unlocked Graduates · £20-30k · London

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Two years in prison and you’ll be set for life. 

That’s 3760 hours to reduce the £18 billion cost of reoffending. 4.7 million steps on a prison wing working with some of society’s most vulnerable people. 7050 doors and countless windows of opportunity unlocked. Two years to become a leader. One opportunity to change society. And zero regrets. As frontline prison officers, graduates on Unlocked’s Leadership Development Programme make it count.

It could be through the meaningful chats you’ll have with prisoners. Or our investment in your ideas to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. Or the ideas we’ll support you to develop to drive change in the system. Or the expertise you’ll gain on the Master’s degree we’ll fund. Or it could be something nobody has even thought of yet. Because that’s what makes this so exciting. And so unique. Ours is a graduate scheme focused on changing the prison system from the inside. In ways that you’ll get to drive.

Benefits and progression:

There’s also a competitive salary (£23,000-£30,000), Nationwide opportunities, plenty of training, invaluable placements, mentorship from experienced prison officers, and every opportunity to develop highly sought-after skills. Global businesses, not-for-profits and of course, the prison and justice system employ our graduates after their two years. All of them. That’s how remarkable this graduate scheme is.

Who we look for:

Combining academic study with real-world experience, no two days are the same for our graduate prison officers. You’ll become an advocate, negotiator, diplomat, and leader. It calls for a calm head, confidence, and problem-solving skills – all of which our graduates develop with us. With responsibility from day one, it’s the rare chance to become a leader where it matters.

Wherever our graduates choose to go after their two years, we support our growing network of change-makers. Because every second in prison is a second chance to change things for the better. For prisoners. For graduates. For society. So join us. And make each one count.

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