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 Article by Brenda Wong

Why you should work weekends for a better work-life balance

It’s easy to get carried away at the workplace. We’ve covered work burnout before, and we totally understand the importance of trying to achieve a good work-life balance. So when we came across this trick, we knew we had to share it with you guys.

According to author Laura Vanderkam, the one thing you need to do fix your work-life balance is to work on weekends. Counterintuitive? Apparently not!

work-life balance

“Work isn’t separate from life,” Vanderkam says in an article for Fast Company. “It’s a part of life, and weekends are part of life too.” Apparently, instead of making your work-life balance disappear, spending part of the weekend on work or professional bits and bobs reduces stress and helps you suss out your life.

The real key is to only work on a little bit of the weekend. Setting aside some time on a Saturday or a Sunday and containing your work to that time is highly important. Don’t go overboard and work the entire weekend, because that will totally defeat the purpose.

Other things to keep in mind is to perhaps use your weekend work time for more so-called ‘right-brain’ work tasks. Vanderkam says, “weekends present a great opportunity to spend time brainstorming away from the office, to do creative work, read for work and so forth.”

Ultimately, working on weekends offers you greater flexibility in your work week. A couple of hours plugging away at that presentation you need for a meeting means you’ll be able to leave a couple hours earlier on the Friday.

Hey, you know, don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it.

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