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 Article by Brenda Wong

#DebutTalk: Debut’s careers and employability discussion

Hey Debutants! We’re starting a new initiative that’s all about you. 

Introducing #DebutTalk, Debut’s Twitter chat discussing all things careers, employability and adulthood.

**Scroll below to find this edition’s topic and questions**


What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a group conversation about a specific topic, amplified using social media. It usually surrounds a unique hashtag (in this case, #DebutTalk), and happens at a fixed time weekly.

When will #DebutTalk take place?

#DebutTalk will take place every Thursday at 5pm from January 2017 onwards.

Who should take part in #DebutTalk?

You must have a Twitter account to participate, but that’s really the only rule. This Twitter chat is all about careers. Whether it’s tackling office politics or negotiating a pay raise, we’ll be dealing with all of the questions we’ve previously been too afraid to ask.

We welcome anyone looking for advice, anyone keen on sharing their wisdom, and anyone who needs a place to speak their mind.

Why are you starting a Twitter chat?

We’ve been hard at work transforming Debut’s Insight section into a kick-ass careers resource, and have written hundreds of articles about navigating the difficult world of being a young, entry-level employee. What we wanted to do was open the conversation up and hear from the people we’re writing for.

This seems really intense, how should I keep up?

Twitter Chats move extremely quickly. We recommend using TweetDeck, a tool owned by Twitter that integrates with your Twitter account. You can add a column specifically for the #DebutTalk hashtag and it’ll refresh with every new tweet.

Another great tool is Tweetchat, which lays out any Twitter Chat hashtag in an easy-to-follow-and-engage layout.

If that’s not your style, simply search for the hashtag #DebutTalk on Twitter, and filter them by ‘Latest’. 

What’s the next topic?

The next #DebutTalk chat will be on Thursday December 7th, 5pm GMT, and will be hosted by Siemens UK Jobs.


Topic: The Workplace of the Future


Q1. When should an employee start focusing on self-development in their job?
Q2. Which jobs do you think will become indispensable over the next 10 years?
Q3. What roles and practices do you think will become obsolete in the 10 years?
Q4. What skills can you learn to prepare yourself for the workplace of the future?
Q5. Do you think that businesses in the future will value specialists or people with a wider range of skills?
Q6. What will change most dramatically in the future – the role or tech or the role of people? What will this change look like?
Q7. What change would you most want to see become a part of working life in the future?

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5. Diversity (with Capgemini UK)
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What are your top tips for having a great Twitter chat?

Twitter Chats can be very overwhelming, but only at first! Here are our top tips on going with the Twitter Chat flow:

1. Always use the hashtag! Otherwise your tweet will get lost in the Twitter void, and we won’t be able to see it. (It’s #DebutTalk. Just in case we haven’t said it enough.)

2. Might be a good idea to tweet a ‘high-volume warning’ to your followers, so they’re aware you’ll be participating in a Twitter Chat and therefore tweeting a lot more than usual.

3. Like and RT your favourite responses, to support your fellow Twitter Chat participants.

4. Reply directly to a participant if you want to have a one-on-one conversation.

5. Be respectful and positive – this is a safe space, after all

6. We love a good GIF, so throwing some of them in the tweets won’t hurt.

7. Label your answers – so if it’s a response to Q1, label your response A1 (for Question 1 and Answer 1).

How do I get in touch to host? 

If you’d like to host a #DebutTalk chat, get in touch here. We’re looking for career experts, rising stars and anyone with a great deal of careers wisdom to help us provide the best insights possible.

See you on Thursday, 5pm GMT!

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