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 Article by Brenda Wong

TodoBook turns your Facebook News Feed into a productivity tool

We are all about this. If you’re the kinda person who regularly has procrastination struggles, we’ve got a solution for you. TodoBook is this nifty little Google Chrome extension that turns your Facebook News Feed into a to-do list. Neat, huh?

Here’s what TodoBook looks like

TodoBook screenshot 1

When you download the extension, the code hides all of your recent Facebook updates. It then replaces them with a simple, fuss-free to-do list. The extension gives you a wee little tutorial showing you how to edit, add and delete your list items, then lo and behold, your Facebook has turned into a productivity tool.

You may be thinking: “The Internet’s homepage and procrasti-trap surely can’t be stopped by a simple to-do list.” Well, this is where the TodoBook extension shows its true value.

TodoBook screenshot 2

You see, you can’t actually access your News Feed until you tick something off the list. This forces you to be productive in order to get the ‘reward’ of News Feed access. Even then, it’s only for a limited time. 😲😲😲

TodoBook screenshot 3


See that timer on the left? As soon as it runs out it will revert back to your TodoBook screen, only unlocking after you’ve completed another task. Of course, there is a ‘Quitter’ function, but you know, you’ll definitely feel like a fool if you use it.

TodoBook screenshot 4

There are even a few options for you to customise your to-do list: you can use the nuclear option of only allowing yourself access to your News Feed only after you’ve completed every task, for example. You can also select how much time you want it to unlock for.

So, no more binge-watching Tasty videos until you’ve done your homework kids. But then again, there’s always the option of going on your phone… darn it.

Feature image via Pexels

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