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 Article by Brenda Wong

Team Debut need your help! Our quest to get an office dog

This. Is. Happening.

For months we have been begging our COO Michele to let us get an office dog. Team Debut work in a building that’s dog-friendly, so occasionally we get pups strolling into our office for a cuddle or two. It’s been tragic – having beautiful doggos stroll into our lives at Debut HQ just to stroll back out again. 😭

We now finally have a chance. Michele has agreed to get an office dog, but on one very important condition.

See tweet below:

That’s right. If we get 1,000 likes on the tweet above, Michele will let us get an office dog of our own. 💕

Our reaction to this:

Office dog | Happy Crying

We have a long way to go to 1,000. However, every retweet and every like counts. Help make Team Debut’s 2017 all the sweeter – we might let you guys come up with a name too!

I mean look at this wonderful pup having a great conversation with our Senior Partnerships Director, Jacob:

Office Dog | Meeting

Who said having a dog around was unproductive? Looks like they were having a fascinating meeting.

Alternatively, you can give us a like on Facebook here:

You guys are simply the best.

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