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 Article by Christine Wong

Quiz: What kind of society is truly right for you?

This post is written by a member of the Debut Student Publisher Network. Ever wonder which student society is really right for you? Christine’s interactive quiz will tell you once and for all: 

When you get to university, you’ll be introduced to all sorts of incredible extra-curricular opportunities. There’s so much choice! It’s hard to know what kind of society will fit you best. So, we’ve made the job ten times easier by giving you a quick little quiz. Hopefully, it’ll help you filter out what to try.

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You’ve come to university to learn, and joining an academic society will help you to specify what parts of your course interest you the most. You’re mainly looking for other focused students to talk about assignments and modules with, which is totally great!


You’re ready to break up your sedentary student lifestyle with some good, old-fashioned exercise! Maybe you’re looking for a team-oriented sport to carry on from your sixth form days, or perhaps you’re ready to try something new and different. Either way, you’re looking to work fitness and fun into your uni routine.

Campaigning and Charity

University is a fantastic time to figure out what causes and issues are important to you. Joining a campaigning or charity society will open your mind to a wide variety of things you can do to help make the world a better place. You’re looking to get your helping hat on, good on you!


University is an amazing place where you can meet and learn about people from all walks of life. Joining a cultural society for you is all about discovering whole new worlds, Aladdin-style. Learning how to broaden your worldview is always healthy!

Media Appreciation

Whether you join a fandom-oriented society, or you’re looking for people who like the same genre of music or films that you do, you’ll be sure to find like-minded people. After all, uni is full of people with varied interests and hobbies. Why not delve headfirst into the geekery of your choice?

Food & Drink

Hey, just because you’re at uni doesn’t mean you HAVE to relegate yourself to meals of instant noodles and Cup-A-Soups. Sometimes one of the best ways to feel at home at uni is to find some comfort in the culinary, so a food and/or drink society is right up your alley!

Media Creation

Radio, TV, film, the news – all forms of media that are extremely competitive in the real world. But at uni, you get the chance to delve into these worlds and see if they suit you. You get an incredible chance to hear yourself on-air or read your own article, and these accomplishments are all things you can put on your CV as well (wink, wink!).


All the world’s a stage, and that includes your university experience. You can’t help it – you want your academic experience to be balanced out by also being able to express yourself creatively. A performance society is the right one for you. Go out there and and put on a great show!

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